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Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 10, 2020

Deactivated my Facebook page...

What to write about today? Or tonight. It`s nightime in the kitchen...

Mali aka Mali - My Universe aka Idol Mali aka The Mali Show (hope this doesn`t make me sound like a crazy person!? It actally does!) just came here to say that...

I deactivated my Facebook Page. For how long? I don`t know...depends on my own mood first of all and not WHEN the hater/stalker finds something better to do / get a life. Because I really don`t care, but I felt the need to take a break. I hope my 70 + followers don`t mind. This is going to be the scenario when you return in a few months / years and "OMG! she said she had 70 + followers, but look how many she got nooooooow!!! Omg!!!" #ohtheirony (Obviously, as a blogger you never hope that jokes like that are irony.)

Anyways; there`s an insect on my wall tonight. I don`t think I like this insect. Has huge legs (called "longlegs" in my language, I think. If it`s not called this I will call it "longlegs"...but it hasn`t  moved yet so I guess I will survive. 

Now; webcam-taim (I know it`s spelled "time") (Re-edited in Photoshop.) I use the camera nearest to me. Not the best camera, but sometimes bad photos are good photos. I don`t care too much about the equipment that I use.

I do so much weird with the photos anyway.

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