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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

May 05, 2020

Time management, day 1...

I said before that I wanted to blog every single day. Which means I need to manage my TIME!

Time managment! Maximizing every day. Not being productive makes me ANGRY! This makes me sound like a crazy person. But I used to be fat and lazy. Now I`m just...fat. But I used to have "no control". But then life took control over ME! - there`s a slight difference there.

Whenever you have extra time in the day, you blog. It is when you used to "have a cup of coffee" ( = have a nice sit on you ass), watch the news on TV. Obviously, you prioritize to blog instead of watching anything on TV. (If you are a real blogger!) Take me f.ex; Now I could have watched a series on Netflix instead. (Or one of those pirate websites.Which I used to be a fan of, not recommending this, though. By the way, I stopped using it. (You can`t say you actually use those sites!) But I choose to come here instead! One of  my"friends"who had Netflix didn`t want to share their log in password with ME, because he/she didn`t really consider me to be one of their top five friends. (You can share it with five people!)
"Fake friends!" (You don`t have friends, Mali!)
So, from today I am going to blog just a little bit each day. I blog in the kitchen. I will not reveal too much about my life, but rather make short random blog posts about some random topic.

Now; webcam -  time (Re-edited in Photoshop)...

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