YO! I am BACK! Pinterest takes an interest!❤️

Here`s just an old photo of me singing Karaoke in front of the camera. I made a smoke-effect because I thought it was cool.

I have not been here in a while now and I miss blogging. I see that Pinterest really is the place for all the blog traffic. I didn`t know that. Until I see the results myself. I generatre a lot of traffic from pinning my own photos. I thought Pinterest was like a dead place. But obviously not! People like random photos of ANYTHING. They don`t come for you "talents"...

NO! They don`t come to your blog for your dancing skills. Trust me; I have tried ANYTHING to generate traffic! They`d rather appreciate a random photo of a telephone than actually CALLING (for a collaboration. F.ex. Netflix. Nobody ever called me, I wonder why...) 

Kind of sad but true! 

You see...
I am a very desperate person. I do anything for views and likes. It`s the honest truth. I am not talented at all. In fact I lack so much talent it`s SAD! 

"YES! Mali is finally realizing this! It was about time!"


I WISH it was the truth. Life would be a lot easier for me if that is the case. Because then I would actually have quit. A long time ago. Not even I can say that...
But again; I do not take my self very serious, so YES I indeed have no problem with being a desperat freak with no life. It is a part of the game. Part of the irony. Part of my comedy concept. I like that idea. I am well aware that I am not better than anybody else. Or worse than anybody else. I kind of just put myself on the sideline. (The boring Mali who never uses make-up and only wears black leggings because denim really "hurts".) This is my artform and my concept is to use myself as the canvas. And some people need people like me. To feel better about themselves. When they see that I am some kind of weirdo not giving a damn about life. Because they struggle with self confidence. And take life too serious. Which is the root of the problem to self confidence issues. That`s how I feel, anyway. I could struggle. I just choose not to. Everyday I wake up with the same choice. Should I be happy today?  

By the way; These are the kinds of photos that people save on Pinterest (Probably not, but...). That`s why I made it.

Here`s this "desperate freak`s" latest music video:

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍

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  1. Anonymous ExxodussMay 8, 2024 at 9:54 AM

    Dang! I just farted, and the smell opened this page.... And i just love it...
    But now i feel ashamed, Shit! i should never have farted...

  2. Hi you crazy desperate fart-stalker! Farting is okay as long as you don`t have diarreah. Thanks for letting me know.