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You have to be yourself in this life. Or you should! (Not trying to force anybody, though.) Because otherwise you would be lying to the world and to yourself. And that is immoral. Dishonesty is fake as h*ll and doesn`t look pretty on you. You are probably going to age really bad. (Some people have good genes, though!) But the way you live affects the way you look. So never try to be someone or something else than what you actually are. So, for that reason I am doing exactly what I want. I will keep this short because most bloggers are boring and only write about bullshit. Bullshit in my opinion bloggers. I can`t relate. I am not into fashion. I am into fashion fails. 

To me this is not a fail. It is AWESOME! I FEEL GREAT!😂 (Throwback photo from 2015.)

An example of useless crap that destroys society: Just watched a documentary about The Kardashians. "They got the power"! *Singing out like the Snap-song from the 80`s.* But they`ve got absolutely nothing else. And that`s what`s wrong with the world. Kylie is a "selfmade billionaire" SO COOL and yadda yadda yadda. No, she`s not selfmade. Her mom created her. Created these monsters, with other words. All of her daughters. Not doing anyting to change the world. Just changing the amount of money in their own bank account. Now young girls are confused and insecure about the size of their lips. They`re also selling products that don`t change the person`s look - to become like them. And they even know that. Still they keep on barbarding the media with LIES. When they got no real talent in the industry, nor do they sing or act, so I guess that`s what they`ve got to do. 

Anyway; I didn`t come here to bash someone so I will just change the subject. And against all odds (That was a joke and irony!😉 "Against all odds") it`s about...


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I needed a coffee photo like ASAP and this is what I found in my archives. Luckily for me I always have a photo for every occasion.

Throwback photos from 2015. I was not as fat as I am now! Okay...just kidding! I am not about fat shaming myself or others.

Here is the song "Coffee is my not so secret lover" (Yeah, I could have made a better song, I know!😂)...

But at least I was MYSELF here! And that is SO important! And that`s the only reason why I blog or do anything creative at all, because I want to express who I am 100%.  And you should too! I don`t care about judgement. I am the only judge and the only jury in my own life. 

What else have I been interested in lately? I have watched the Eurovision Song Contest. And I want to end this blog post by sharing a WEIRD Eurovision moment. (I am into Windows errors and blue screens because of my "love" for Windows.) These were the most entertaining participants for sure. They did NOT care about being judged for being weird or crazy. Which this is 100%. Super-weird! I have to admit; I kinda love this sh*t...since I HATE Windows! (I use Windows right now and yes, it`s a struggle!) I have even made a video about it. My video about Windows

I couldn`t agree more...

Because that`s ALL that matters...if your`re Windows95man...right?😂

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks!👍

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