Mali loves leopard! NO surprise there!😂

Yes, read my article and become my nr 1 fan! NOT the airconditioner! NO! I already own 2! Jeses...

Mali`s favorite style is leopard pattern. She becomes happier in leopard...

This photo was taken from the video below. (Throwback video from 2017)

To every mission and church out there; I am NOT ready to join you. I am too distracted by my own singing. And whenever I hit that "high" it feels like a sugar rush through my body. "I go to the rock" is one of my favorites. But with this attitude I don`t think you even want me in your choir. I completely understand if you tell me "You`re just TOO LOUD, girl!"...

I can go from a loser to a WINNER!

With leopard I naturally become a character. The drama roles come natural. 

I also become too creative. Like that ADHD - crazy!

The "book" ideas have been many wearing leopard.😂

Many trips with the garbage wearing leopard. Here in my basement, my favorite place on earth.

Actually, leopard is my religion! And 11 years ago I made this video. I speak Norwegian here since I am from Norway. Why do I blog in English from now on? I am not trying to become known in Norway. It is just not my thing. I don`t hate Norway, but it`s just that being known in Norway for whatever reason, like blogging, "youtubing" or being on some TV show, is not for me. The energy feels very restricted. So, when that was done, how am I gonna go international? "But you could do some local stuff and THEN you`d blow up!" No, you probably don`t get it; I always felt like I am an international megastar. That`s the honest truth!😂 And it`s how you FEEL that matters! (Even if I had only 10 fans watching my creative content. And trust me; I`ve got only 5 "blood sucking" fans (LOL!) that I know of so I have a long way to go!)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks!👍

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