People don`t dare to write about this

Here I was starring in my own home made music video in 2018. "Hot bitch". Great song AND video!😂 Will share in the end of this blog post. (Since I am satisfied 150% with it!) Some people MAY disagree!😂

Right now I don`t have a topic to write about, but after a few coffees I know that my mind will be ready for...."Today`s topic". YES! That is what I will call this category. So, I will return and write something here today / tonight whenever I`ve got time. I LOVE writing. It is my "go to" - art form nr 1. Yes, I love making videos and music also BUT that takes a lot more TIME.  (Music / videos will never be made in a serious way, though! IF that ever happened, it means that I wasn`t really happy while doing it.) And she, her, moi ain`t got time for that! At least I am not they. You had to Mali? You had to say that? I DON`T KNOW! It was offensive, right?, to a lot of people. Right? I DON`T KNOW! How the h*ll are we gonna answer in 2024? The age of selfdoubt and confusion. Who`s a bull and who`s...all the other bullshit? That`s what I want to say about that. I don`t understand ANYTHING! 

Today`s topic is going to be about GENDERS. 

I want to dedicate this post to those who don`t understand anything. Sorry! WE DO exist!
Are we ALLOWED to exist? That`s also not quite clear. Aren`t you just feeling the confusion entering your body?

"No. I know who I am, honey!"

Like WHY am I even saying this? Jeses Chraizt! Why in 2024 do we have to DEFEND ourselves when we`re talking about genders? NOT natural to me at all. I am a freaking woman. I mean womb-man. I was given the gender woman in the womb. Although I do not feel like that in many ways I do not think about changing my gender. NO! I OWN up to who I am! I`m not exactly a "softie". I was born on a farm by the way...

That secret drag queen voice inside of me: Listen! She was born on a farm...OKAY? 
Okay. She can walk that walk and talk that talk and she don`t stop...not even if you force her to, honey. She`s who she came her to be, okay? Fabulous, okay? In her farmer`s outfit, okay? Shs gonna be on Rupaul`s Drag race with this FABULOUS farmer`s outfit...driving that tractor like she was born for that life. (Okay, maybe not.)

Kinda don`t have to say anything more than that. With a spade in one hand and horse shit under my evening shoes on my way to the bus stop, going to town, which was far away. Why the spade? Had to dig my way through the snow. Hello?

Ain`t got nothing more to say. See you later.

Conclusion: I am a woman, but could easily be one hell of a man. If I like to be. I am not calling the doctor for this. This is GOOD! Right?...

But at the end of the day I don`t get this. Do you? I do feel for the people who struggle with this topic. Or struggle with ANYTHING. But at the same time. I don`t get this particular topic. You can`t truly understand anyone if you`re not them. And that goes with ANYBODY. I don`t understand why someone owns a dog that looks like them, and then throws away the leash of the dog, forgets about it and have a piss just in front of my apartment window. I can`t relate to that either. I SAW it, damn woman (trying to be a man?) but I kind of don `t understand why you had to "kind of hide inside that bush". I saw it anyway. My windows are behind that bush! *Trying to un-see it.* (But I understand you, though, after my third glass of Coca Cola Zero. (And it has to be Zero! I DO NOT understand you Original Coca Cola people. That could ALSO be a discussion! `cause I grew up on light. Okay? 

Or the truth is; my family drank Coca Cola with sugar. BUT! I really looked up to the food concious people and where I come from they`re barely concious of anything else but tractors and training horses for the big races. They think the races are important, but in fact it`s really not important. It wasn`t to me anyway. (The biggest success we had was going to Sweden with the horse. One horse. You kinda feel sad for the horse. But I remember it was because of some achievement or something. But I remember that we never returned there. Because of the lack of achievement. The horse just wanted to RUN! Even if it was in the opposite direction. It had to take a shit on the last round.) When I became 14 I started to get an attitude about everything, like most teneagers, so I just quit Original Coca Cola. You FEEL ME?😂 Oh no, you didn`t! That was BAD, Mali!...Yeah I know. And I quit everything else too, whatever that was. But at least I did`t start something. Parents always worry about starting something. At least I didn`t start anything.

But I`m just saying...people are different. And some people are just...weird. In MY opinion. And I know that I am weird to a lot of people too. I get this! So we can agree upon not understanding eachother - and NEVER will - and that should be...
All of this could be a great topic for when I return here soon. But I guess I just wrote my blog post. While sitting here "not writing".

As promised in the beginning of my blog post; here`s my best music video EVER! (But it`s OKAY to disagree! It`s okay to say it belongs in "Mali`s hall of SHAME"):

My personal opinion is that the remix is even better...

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks!👍

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