Believe in yourself when no on else does!

Updated June 5 - 2024🔄

I use this midi keyboard and plug it into my computer with a cord. I need a new one now because I really played agressivly on this one and the cord...there`s always a problem with these cords...the "plug in system" is broken...

I started many years ago ...

Believing in myself. And I sometimes wore sunglasses and a wig and then
 I believed in my self even MORE!
Believe in yourself when no one else does!

Idol Mali is the winner of a Grammy, for the best not produced album! I hope you will enjoy this half - done, half - assed - produced snippet of a winner song:


As promised I came back after a long break. Busy as I was. I ran some errands. Here`s the song:


You can`t hurry art so I guess we`ll be back eventually.

This is ADHD - blogging. You write and then you stop. Then you write again. Then you stop and then take a LONG Coca Cola Zero - break and then you return on an aspartame overdose - reaction! LOL! This post is going to be tagged in three different categories. "ADHD", "You can do it!"(which is like a motivational category) and "Music" because I will share one of my recent songs/videos. But when I say "song"...well, I don`t think you can call it a song. But let`s see...maybe it will turn out to be a song. More like "trash". You just never know!😂 

Please return for an update!😜

I came back at last after FIVE WHOLE DAYS! This blogging - thing is not going so well at the moment. I really love blogging and I would love to blog every single day, but it doesn`t always work out. But here is my recent video on YouTube (Vlog) where I also added a draft of a song that I am working on, at the end of the video...

I may be the craziest freak you`ve ever seen and you don`t understand anything of what I am doing. But I am not quitting. Because I believe in myself when no one else does. The life I`ve chosen can be a lonely road. A road that I am willing to walk by myself.

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks!👍

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