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Welcome back to another blog article by me, Mali. This is going to be an interesting one...I am just going to start typing and then I am going to ramble. I know myself, so yeah, let`s go!...

In this "how to..." (This is my first "How to.." Don`t get too excited!) I will just be very straight forward and say; Just be weird! Don`t be ashamed of yourself! I am an original myself, so this comes natural to me. Being "normal" is HARD! So we ain`t got time for that, right? So let`s just eliminate being normal from our list right away.

This never became a "How to.."- article like I wrote in the beginning. The title of this blog post was "How to be weird". But WHO actually WANTS to be weird? Perhaps not a lot of people. And the reason being is because I couldn`t get out of the rabling state. ADHD can be really tricky! 

Anyways; let`s continue! EINSTEIN and Nikola TESLA weren`t normal, trust me! Leonardo Da Vinci was FAR from normal, ya`ll! Elon Musk is not normal...

Photo: thetimes.co.uk

Everyone who ever did something outrageous and changed the world wasn`t normal in the first place. 

I am so tired of society trying to force original "weirdos" to fit into some kind of label. "Just WORK a 9 to 5! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!" BECAUSE LOOK AT US! We`re doing it!" NO! NOOOO! H*ll to the NO! That is where you got it all WRONG! Society! Government! Please find a solution for people like us! It`s not black and white. But you can`t because there`s always going to be artists. Artist have to pave their own way. I guess we shouldn`t complain because if there was a solution it wouldn`t be art. Right? It`s like IF there ever became a solution for artists, the artist would try to destroy the solution. So, there`s really no shocker that people like me can`t fit in. I tried to fit in in my past. In my early journey into becoming Mali. Mali - My Universe. Sounds like a brand, right? Society and my mom: "Now you`re delusional again Mali!" Me: Writing more articles than I`ve ever done before. Trying to break personal records. The average person reading this: "I wonder what kind of goals she has", while they`re shaking their head. And "It would be interesting to read her bucket list". Professional blogger reading this: "You can NEVER become a famous blogger if you`re using CAPS LOCK!" Me: Like your opinions matter. MAYBE, because we (us weirdos) are doing the opposite of everybody`s expectations, and that`s why we find success? Yeah, fitting in was the dumbest decision I ever made in the past (So, I am un-making it as we speak.) Didn`t work! Surpressed my REAL abilities and became depressed. Did everything a depressed person does. Slept too much, ate waaay too much...started to weigh way too much. Started to freaking look like a loser. And losing my touch. (Rap song coming up, ya`ll!) But this is the truth. Life was a downward spiral. But of course it could have been a lot worse.

I could have NEVER realized who I REALLY AM. That is dangerous! That is the real problem; if you never wake up. So, wake up TODAY! WHO are you REALLY?

So if you feel weird or different. That`s okay. I am the living proof that you can be okay. And you CAN overcome society`s expectations of you. You just have to find the job or the life style that is suitable for you. Your life style could become you job, and then you do not feel that you work anymore. (But you HAVE to be able to monetize off of this life style.) I do not recommend leaving a job if you do not have a really serious plan. It has to be a serious plan that includes a lot of money. To me this means being free. (Making money off of doing what you love.) To me this means being my own boss. It means not being at "the office". If I should be in the office - it is because it is MY office. My creative office. You don`t really need an office, but you need somewhere to blog to be a blogger. Or a place to shoot a video if you want to be a video creator. Which I also am. Wow! Mali You really do it all, don`t you? Yeah, h*ll yeah, I do. I am typing on a French keyboard in English with a Windows computer right now and I can still make it work. I wish I could sit on Santa`s lap and get a Mac for Christmas, but you can find out for yourself how that worked out here: I asked for a Mac. Check it out!😂

But you do not need the perfect office or the perfect equipment, to be honest. It is the idea and the story that is the important thing. And an internet connection. Fiber is not important. This house that I am living in doesn`t have fiber yet, because the land lord (I rent right now) didn`t install fiber, and that`s okay. Things do NOT have to be perfect. 

Oh, how I long to be back in the 70`s where nothing was "perfect"...

Selfie before selfies became a thing. I found this jacket in my mom`s closet. Gold purse
from the early 2000`s. I didn`t see many people walking around with one, but I DID!
Because I really LOVE gold! 😎 

And next time I will show you how to cook Norwegian pancakes. NOT! Or...maybe..it`s not that I can`t...it`s just that...I can`t wrap my mind around it. ADHD is not very easy. I have lived all my life with it. And a simple task for EVERYBODY ELSE that never sat in a psychologist chair ever in their lives, can become a "mind-bug" for people like us. Or my mind is just wandering if you get my drift? Especially if I have no interest or whatsoever. 

Do not quit your job to become a blogger or a YouTuber! Or a TIKTOKKER! (I hate Tiktok! They TRIED with this app to ruin my life, but I stopped myself from joining it! If I had TikTok, honey...I don`t wanna know what I`d do...YOU TRIED IT, TIKTOK! Ain`t got time for it!) Pleaseee! 😱 Only quit when your hobby is your new job. J.O.B. But not Just Over Broke! (The day you are cashing in like crazy! To survive, obviously. That`s crazy enough.) Just over broke will make you broke again! THINK before you act! I am not against jobs, though. We also need education and regular jobs to serve people. I am not trying to make people quit their education or jobs. But IF you are like me, an outcast in society from an early age, then this could be helpful. People probably think that I have been sucking on my thumb until I was 40. (I have to think twice about that one! Have I?) Just sitting in front of my (Windows) computer and waiting for the next Windows alert. Medion was a nightmare. Don`t get me started on my early 2000`s computer called "MEDION". The guy in the shop probably got an award for best salesman / LIER of the year because he sold it to me (my mom!) Have no other words for it but: TRAUMA! So YES! It is true to some degree! I have been lazy. I`ve been bombarded with errors during my life. It`s okay if you think that I am lazy. Because it IS OKAY to be LAZY! I had my reasons. You don`t know my story. It is okay to be different. I realized that pretty soon, actually. Because I did try to fit in for too long. I even studied to be a lawyer at one point.😮 But that would have become too boring in the long run. Although I am very interested in the topic, and human rights especially is my favorite field. I love it! But I realized that the workload (it`s a lot!) the education would lead up to, eventually, wouldn`t work out for me. I would have become tired of the environment pretty soon, actually. Especially if you just want to go home and make YouTube videos. And I would obviously realize that`s what I want sooner or later. 😂

Made this photo for older blog posts in the past. I have been an unsuccessful blogger since 
like...2006. And that is okay. It is okay to be a total failure.😉

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍
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