I love fillers...

In the category "Mali loves..." I want to tell you and show you what I love. I love fillers...

No, not those kinds of fillers. I hate those! I will age naturally, honey. I am talking about fillers for photo -  projects in Photoshop. Or in videos.

"Oh my God! Thas so nerdy, Mali!" Yes, it is, but it is the truth. I really can appreciate the visuals.
And the feeling and the energy of a photo. Photos vibrate at a frequency. (Good or bad depends on the photo, obviously.) 

List of cute fillers (Found on Pinterest!) I especially love the color turqouise...

Neon signs have always been a favorite because I always imagine using them, in some video in the future. NOT actually going to get a coctail at the bar with the neon sign outside. Because there`s nothing like the party going on inside of my own mind. You should be there! It`s AMAZING! 

Photo by: Pinterest user

Old telephone. I love the days when we called a phone TELEPHONE. Not happening nowadays! It IS very sad. In the 90`s I ran down the stairs of my family home and skipped the last two stairs...so that I could jump down the two last stairs...to pick up the phone. Sometimes it was for me. Then we had to go outside to meet the person. Sometimes our family car just got stuck in some very bad weather situation. Or just couldn`t start at all. Because Norway is cold during winter! Then we had to get the tractor to get it started with start cables and everything. (Don`t know what it`s called in English. I`ve got too much ADHD to look it up right now! But you get my point.) So, yeah...how were you going to reach the person in case you couldn`t meet them? THOSE WERE THE DAYS! The days that I miss. And the days where we all were just better people. We`ve just become robots now.

Photo by Niche Aesthetic

I don`t really love to read. Why? I can`t sit still long enough to get by chapter 2. (ADHD is a real thing. "Everybody has it!" Me: Looking at them and thinking; Did you also ONLY stare at the trees outside the school building every hour during class in school?) Mali does not love ADHD. But she accepts the situation and decided to settle. Just like a tree that I was watching through the window; it accepts all kinds of weather coming it`s way. It settles. It`s soul (trees have souls!) gets automatic treatment by outside conditions. And it kind of just accepts it, and it actually outlives the government that decided "We`re gonna build a school here so that you can feel all the energy" Poor tree. The energies are just like thrown into it`s face...I see you getting a little shaky, baby. Do you get my point? Sometimes I don`t even get my own point. But trust me; I`m making statements here! 😎 I think! 

I wrote a blog post about feeling misdiagnosed in the past. I have actually been told that I might not have ADHD after all. And I can relate on not having it because I can hyperfocus on the things that I LOVE to do f.ex writing, making music and videos. But I can NOT read a book if it is not VERY interesting. Here`s the blog article...

Photo by: Pinterest user

I love crystals, actually. I went to a spiritual/occult shop in town and looked at all the crystals. A psychic lady with a stick (Overweighed, probably got some hip problem...kinda don`t wanna know more...) She just sat there waiting for me. Wanted to sell to me Tarot-cards, but I told her that I already have like two decks at home. She also likes to do Tarot readings, she told me. Her tobacco voice was intense (and the smell even worse!) But it was a good, charming experience. She had like three layers of skirts and tuniqas on. Her hair was a mess. I felt a comfortable, homie vibe inside her shop and that`s why I`ve returned there twice now. 

Photo by: Pinterest user

I love the old look. Old mixed with the new. If I had my own house (Which I would love to manifest! 😀) it should be an arcitect - kind of villa (Conteporary style)  with old furnitures. Not exactly into that old rustic farm house, if it`s not like a cellar kind of home. I can appreciate a stone - walled cellar smell. I LOVE that smell. Every time I enter my building, I have to enter the cellar before I get to the elevator. I can stand there and just smell. (For a few seconds) "I LOVE this cellar! Here`we`re talking mould!" (Maybe not! But I simply just love cellars.) I used to work as a cleaner back in the day and if you ever were a cleaner. (Cleaning for the government, you know what a cellar is!) 

Back to colors again: Gonna paint my luxurious dream furniture with golden edges. I will find them at thrift stores. And do some serious make-over on them! I love the idea to paint with turqouise, lavendel (LOVE lavendel too!) Pink? Not actually very much into the color pink. Too overrated! Too much focus on it everywhere you go, so that my brain gets tired of it. Yeah, my brain even gets tired of looking at things for too long. My pink realationship: Let`s just paint a room completely NEON PINK! Two hours later: Puking all over the room. I wish I painted it TURQOUISE! It is not too stimulating for the eyes and you don`t really feel like there`s going to be a gender reveal every time you enter the room (No, NOT pregnant!) But I hope you get the point. Because turqouise is kind of okay. Neutral. 

Photo by: Pinterest user

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍

Look! Even my signature is turqouise ⬇️ Or is it blue? I am colorblind, actually, so you tell me!
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