You better get your act together!

Hi, ya`ll! I`m back with another post. What photo should I post here? Since I`ve got a new pimple on my face I`m gonna find a cool photo, from my heydays!...

Inspired by North-Africa. I have connections there.
Anyways; At least you can post a tiny photo without messing up the whole blog
post, which my previous "new and cool" template did! I hated the previous template!

First a little rant about blogging: 

When you have tried EVERYTHING and tried out every blog template out there that you think might suit you...and you realize that you should NEVER have changed (edited) the blog template that you had in the first place. 

*That feeling!* JESES! 😩

The lesson through this was: The old worked the best!
But now I have to re-edit the old one that I used in the past because I didn`t save the settings. Now I have to change this "college school - blog" - style into a personal blog/magazine, my personal Perez Hilton - style. It`s gonna take time. ALWAYS save your settings!

The old is not right in every situation, but in THIS situation pour MOI, it is 100% the truth. Even though it lacks (the design lacks!) The other lacked MORE! Sometimes you just gotta ignore why it lacks and move on with your life. Blogs and websites aren`t EVERYTHING! 😂

LIE! Oh, the lies she tells, honey! I can just see the look upon every nerd`s face out there (Blog owners and website owners); "Oh, NO honey, the blog is everything!" 

So, If you can relate, because you also own a few domains around the world wide web yourself; then we should connect!😉 No, this is not a dating suggestion. FAR from it! I am seriously interested in connecting with like-minded people. Geeks and nerds, that is. Creative people. Outcasts. It sounds weird, but I am dead serious. BLOGGERS UNITE! 

People that know me might read this right now and think to themselves; "Omg, is she still blogging?" 
And my answer to that is; Are YOU STILL going to your 9 to 5 - job?...

What if you want something MORE in life? More freedom, a SIDE HUSSLE?!

WHAT IF...? It is a great question, right?

What if the devil comes knockin` on your door one morning..."I know why you`re tired, honey!" You been doing this way too long, honey. I can see it all over your face that you`re ready to come on a journey with me today!" (He`s a little sassy!) 

But you know it`s the devil when you see him, trust me! You can see passed the pink flamboyant sleeves and the coffee machine that he sells door to door. Even though you want it! You want to come on a wild journey with this dude! You ALMOST got an empty coffee cup from the kitchen and was ready to hop on his scooter with him! BUT: You`re slammin` that door so hard. But it ain`t gonna work this time because this dude is showing up in your dreams now. (He`s not a "dude". He looks more like that wolf from the red hooded girl - tales. It is not a pretty sight.)

You better get your act together! And do the things that really count in your life. (So, that you don`t go with the dude with the coffee machine. Because you`ve had enough coffee. Don`t end up like the author of this blog post!)

So, get your act together! Which is being HAPPY, first of all. That stiff neck of yours is an indicator that you`re not happy. And in the end you can end up in the ER (Emergency room) Who wants that in...f.example... America? Who wants to live a life they can`t afford...Okay, maybe this was political...Anyways; let`s NOT dive any deeper into that conversation...My point is; you become a lot happier and healthier by doing what you love.

Just figure it out. TAKE TIME to figure things out!

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍 your photo name

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