Just TOO weird!

I am just too weird. Like seriously!

So, the topic today is being...

ONLY KIDDING! I am not weird at all...



Even though that might be true, that is not the topic today. 

Conspiracy theories are just too weird. It gets too weird and I am just freaked out by them, most of them. (Paul Mc`Cartney not being the real guy is one of the weird ones. And there`s no point in making these things up. Who cares anyway?) There are some more believable ones, obviously. I think we can all agree on that. (Like who/what created Covid? etc. Hitler could have escaped to Argentina...there`s a CHANCE at least that these things could have happened.) I was into as few of them for a while in my past. Hunting Hitler was one of the series that I watched. And I watched a few episodes of Ancient Aliens. Instead of going out on Saturdays I sat at home and watched videos about the different theories. Which is a cheaper way of going crazy, instead of going crazy at a club or a bar wasting money and your mind. Goes kinda hand in hand, don`t you think? But I am saying "your mind" because I actually almost never drank alcohol, to be honest. It was never my thing. I was also very greedy with my money. Which I kind of am to this day. I believe it is a good thing. I didn`t want to waste a dime on that "life".
And I never returned to it. They almost never played my kind of music anyway. And they did NOT play MY songs! Bastards! Okay...Well, that was before I recorded my first song "Fire". (Right now I don`t think that I am even kidding because there is some coolness to this old song...Right? Check it out! BE AMAZED by Mali on her early journey into becoming....Mali - My Universe. Yeah 😎...)

I almost fell asleep in a chair to rock music (which I 80% kind of dislike) or became the maniac on the dancefloor to 90`s dance music. Okay, that is a joke because I never go out. Well. I did a few times but I quickly realized that I AM THE PARTY. (I am the cool one. I should rather be at home and make YouTube videos! "This is too BORING for me! You have no idea how fun my inner world is!" I was kind of screaming this, like a scream from within.) OR I became the depressed person in that chair. I was so over it and almost never went out again. People talking about boring topics. Trying to meet people. I know this is natural, though, don`t get me wrong. Politics is natural. (A natural catatrophe!) But there`s no intelligent conversations happening when people are getting drunk. (I am VERY intelligent! Okay, I just had to 😂...that was a joke, obviously.) So, that was my experience after just a few times going out like everybody else did back then, in my home country Norway. Small town girl that never fit in. I soon realized that I am my own boss. Everyday, all day, even on weekdays. Outside influenses kind of don`t disturb my inner creative world. The rollercoaster ride going on inside of your own mind is really underrated. You do not need alcohol or drugs to experience this creative force. But my struggle was always the DOING part! To do something about my ideas and never to procrastinate.

So, what I did instead...(This is going to be a long sentence) After realizing that the night life wasn`t anything for me, and still just sitting on my butt procrastinating for a few more years (I realized this at like 25, that night life is not for me. Procrastinating is totally for me, and has been with me until this very day...😕) I was sitting at home with a cup of tea and dove deep into the conspiracy world. Because I fell back into a position on a chair. It was a combination of different private experiences that made me sit on a chair for years. Like that sitting on your butt, never leave the chair - theory. Perhaps because something happens in your life and that`s where you park your butt for a few years?...

Photo: Found this on Reddit for some reason, through Studabaka 

Yes, I totally agree that this isn`t very healthy either. But my point is; I am a truth seeker so I just naturally gravitate towards searching for the truth. I almost lost my mind trying to figure out the mentality behind the people who believe that...

the world is flat. 

The worst conspiracy theory EVER has to be the flat earth theory. JESES! I am glad I survived that one! Without falling for that crap! 😱

But I sometimes still watch some videos just for fun, but I do not believe it, like seriously. Well, it`s always cool to hear different opinions on things. And I am interested in other`s opinions. I have always been interested in discussing topics. Any topic to be honest. I am a "talker". NOT a listener. Okay, that was a joke. I think...I`d like to listen to people so that I can talk. Even if it`s not my turn.😂

*The moment you realize that you only ended up talking about yourself.* AGAIN!

 I think that has to be the final words of this blog article. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍

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