When you HATE the blog design...

I am a very positive person most of the time (I was way more angry in my youth, but hey, that`s a long time ago!)

And...it`s the 17th of May...but I live in France, so, yeah, I am not celebrating the Norwegian constitution day this year either. Some years you kind of miss celebrating it. You CAN celebrate from another country but it is not the same. So, there I got THAT out of the system! This day is going to be a little weird for me because of this reason. But this happens every damn year, actually, because I have lived out of Norway for like 4 years. (I am ON my fouth year.)

How did I realize that it is the 17th of May? Well, I got a phone call from my overly excited mom wearing a traditional bunad (which is a traditional Norwegian dress) and waving in my freaking face (ON the phone!) with a Norwegian flag! I did not even realize that it is the 17th of May! 😲 Have you people abroad experienced this ever? 

#peopleabroad #helloworld #Expatslivingabroad (You kinda already do, but hey!) 

Please tell me all about it in the comment section below! JESES! 😬

That is SO weird! This also applies to Americans not realizing it`s the 4th of July. You KNOW it`s the date, but you don`t realize what the date is about all of a sudden.

Next  topic...

My blog design (Which is WAAAAY more important than celebrating some national day! 😂)

I hate it! I almost never find a good one. Perfectionist like I am! I know content is more important than the actual look but...I just CAN`T see anything but a weird blog template that is kind of dysfunctional (at this point.) I had a really good template but the ads didn`t show up nicely on the blog. And you NEED them! You freaking need them, the ads. The only way you earn money on blogging nowadays.
I am going to work on this tonight (I will actually leave the house for a few hours to be social toghether with other people (Always a good thing! Even computer nerds need fresh air!) and then I am going to return to change / fix the blog design. I will re-use an older blog template which I loved. Because this ain`t working! I hate this!😡 

It didn`t look good as a mobile design either. And most people are on their phones. Okay, I am NOT going to ramble about this topic for hours, like I rambled prabably for hours in my last blog post. If you`re desperate enought to check it out, it`s here;

That was a really LONG blog post, OMG! 😬 

Here is a photo of the Norwegian constitution day. I am posting it as the last thing that I do here, because I do not want it to be the front photo of my blog post. (Because it is screaming in my face that it is actually the Norwegian constitution day and that is TOO MUCH for a young soul like me (Actually I`m an OLD soul, a psychic once told me!😂 And don`t we believe in psychics over here...nah...)

Anyways; look how crazy it is (In a good way, actually!)...

Photo: Dagbladet

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