Blog is under construction. But this is what you can expect...

I had a blog in the past called "The Mali Show", but it got too confusing to me to have two blogs, so I`ve imported all the blog posts into this blog, my main blog, Mali - My Universe. This is the only blog I own now. Thank GOD! 😂

Hi, this site is under construction. I will be back with more soon!

In the meanwhile here is a little bit from what you can expect...

- Laughter
( - From me. And maybe from you too. It is a goal of mine! But if you don`t laugh, at least I laughed. Hard! ;-) I believe that you should be your own fan and follower before you get fans and followers outside of yourself (if you get my drift.) It starts from within, with other words.
- Weirdness! (Oh yes! Believe you me...)
- Timeless humor / anti-humor with a lot of irony (I was born in the early 80`s, but I have no age, basically. My style is timeless, "agender", don`t really have a gender, although I am obviously a female. "Femme fatale" in a weird way 😎😁 That was awkward. But awkward could be one word to describe my style, actually.)

"Camo is the future!" - in a good way! It is time that we change camo into something positive.
The pattern is really cool. I love camo in pink, blue, yellow, orange...any color.

We`ll meet inside this TV - screen soon. The Mali Show will be back!

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