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Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 26, 2020

Everything will be alright!

If you feel a little down, this is the message for you; Everything will be alright. I really like these positive songs by Joakim Karud. "Mr vlog-music"...

"Im going to use ut for yt", a person writes. "So much joy in a track" another writes. I can`t agree more. Important to always keep a high energy or "flying high" on a high flying disk. I`ve watched many videos on the topic ("Always be on a high flying disk!" - Abraham Hicks) during my "self-help-books"- days. If you haven`t hung out at the self-help-book section of the library yet (youtube-library counts!) you basically need to get a life, like they say. You are missing out with other words. Missing out on a rollercoaster journey like no other. That`s my personal opinion. You have to live to understand. Understand other people`s issues. And your own.

I know you`re out there. Sitting on a chair with your computer (I hope MAC! But that`s another topic that we are not getting into today!) I know you`re thinking; I`m fat, I`m lazy, I see the Instagram models, thin with a small waste and a big butt. "Why am I sitting here looking like this fat pig?" Listen! Don`t try to aim for a life that is PHOTOSHOPPED!!!! As much as I love photoshop for the right reasons, I can do a lot of sh*t with one photo too...

Sipping to my drink by the beach...

In reality NOTHING happened as usual...

"Ah...just one of those days...I got my period and...the garbage smells like h*ll...I`m tired...so thankful that I am able to have this break right now".

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