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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

July 15, 2020

Back to time managment again...

Wait a minute, just let me park my a** right here...

Photo: Pinterest. Source? Well, nobody owns anything anyway anymore. (Bad excuse, I know.)

But ONLY FOR 5 MINUTES! Because I`m back at time managment again. Trying to manage this day, which is today. Never park your a** or other bodyparts on a fence or any other place for more than 10 minutes straight. You won`t get up afterwards. I have tested it. SIV has even tested it...even though she laughed and said it was "Fun!". "A lot funnier than lying at a Frp meeting! " (Yes, lying. I do not have to correct that word. I came to the meeting, heard a lot of naysayers complain about the same old "immigration stuff",  so decided to never return. Even the pizza was old. And I kinda came for the pizza...) Siv is a politician in Norway with the strongest handshake I`ve ever experienced in my life. A real feminist-handshake. I have no idea why I was there but I learned something about handshakes. "I am a leader" was the vibe that I got. (I guess that`s what`s she`s there for) But If you can lead yourself, your own life with this energy you can get REALLY far. But please, Siv, stop trying to lead other people! (Okay, I get it, it`s her job.) And listen; I was very open to some of your ideas. I really liked the lipstick-dress-idea. So ugly it became cool again. That anti fashion statement. Was the idea yours? IF I decided to involve myself in your party I could only have become your personal assistant and dress designer (I know a thing or two about this, actually.) But unfortunately for you, you lost the "life" of the party (after ONLY 2 meetings) because absolutely nothing made sense and I ran over to the green party so...where things make a little bit more sense...although politics isn`t really my "cup of tea".

I`ve shared this photo before. Because this was one of the funniest days of my life. This brought JOY to my life, ya`ll...(Trying to be politician Siv Jensen) Advice: Do the things that bring joy! Recreate the feeling over and over again!

What would Andy Warhol do?...

Yes, that`s more like it.

Video in Norwegian from this day: 

So what is my own verdict here (when it comes to this video)? Well, (it`s weird as h*ll! But...) be yourself no matter what! Speak your truth even when your voice shakes! - is my life theme, I guess you can say. And in this video my voice shook, you guys. Because Siv shook like a vibrator from the 70`s while drinking that cup of coffee. (LOL 😆 I`m so sorry, I just had to...)

With this video I pretty much say; Don`t be afraid to be who you are even though people may laugh AT you and not WITH you. BECAUSE dear friends (and frienemies) a lot MORE people are laughing WITH you anyways. Statistics always show this if you should ever make a poll like that...
I will INDEED make a poll like that soon. A poll like that will obviously attract a lot of hardcore haters. The real stalkers and naysayers who secretly are jeaous of your vibe. Rememeber!; Stay true to yourself because your vibe attracts your TRIBE! You will meet the people you are supposed to meet and create new important connections and friendship for the future. And don`t be afraid to live on the edge for a while. Status quo or stagnation is your worst enemy. It is NOT taking your laxy a** anywhere in your life. I have tried it, and I hated it. Because I ate a lot of ramen noodles and my mom started to call me everyday just to tell me "Get off of the fence you`ve just parked your freakin`a** on for the past....like 20 years..!??!" Well, she never used these words, but hey, I ain`t stupid, SOMEBODY was thinking these "so very true words" about me, and hey, somebody was RIGHT! Somebody was spot on! But please; realize this yourself before you get those annoying phonecalls! You probably never got the phonecalls, ok...no problem...because you are not an almost 40 year old person acting like a 14 year old...okay..I get it...but this lesson goes for everything else too, that has to do with laziness. If you`re lazy, you become fat and old. Before your time. And then you can`t complete your mission. We all have a special mission. Only YOU know your mission.

If I can do it - you can do it. I almost never saw a person more lazy than myself my whole entire life...it`s like...don`t know if it`s weekend or just unemployed.

My "friend" Casey knows a few tricks:

Stay safe, and remember IF you take photos today, just try to look a little bit MORE beautiful. Seriously; you haven`t tried enough! Look at me and LEARN!...

Look!; I am not trying to brag but I can do a lot of things. Here I am trying to catch a straw with my mouth.