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Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 18, 2020

Party by myself...

Ever since I was really young I have had my inner world, that soon exploded to the outer world, and became it`s own universe. Get it if you can! I know some of you can relate...

I have been told that I have a greater than great imagination. And it hasn`t always given me the best results in life. Not YET, that is. Because I have also been told that I am not a quitter.

Mukbang by myself, for the world to see. (Mali`s Eating Show! You sometimes go through different styles and characters to end up with your favorite character.) And a party by myself, one of many performances in front of an empty audience. Probably just 10 people were watching. Some know me, some say "I knew her!" Some say "I would LOVE to meet this person!" and "I never want to meet this person, EVER!". "This is embarrassing." But I want you to know something; Jim Carrey threw himself down his family`s stairs at his home in Canada. His family loved it. Instead of saying "Don`t do that ever again, son!", his very supportive (over-supportive) father told him "Now, go back and do the same but in slow- motion!" I wish that I had the same support as a child growing up. But no, things were supposed to be hidden. My family obviously had (has to this very day!) comedians, but "NO!" "We cannot tell anyone who we really ARE!"...

I used to hide too, until the "great depression" hit me in the early 2000`s. Then I slowly changed my ways for the better. Some may say for the worse, but you should have known me back then, I was worse, so much worse. Didn`t care about school...had no self confidence because I surpressed who I am. (And I had unresolved anger issues (obviously, that`s what happens when you deny yourself access to...YOURSELF!(Hello!?) So I quit school, that`s what I did.`Cause I got a fast car, fast enough so we can fly away. Okay, I am just kidding. A Tracy Chapman song just entered my mind. That "car" was my mind.) But thankfully that was not going to last for too long. I never went back to being fake ever again. Fake, which means being controlled by what society thinks of you. Society is a word that I simply don`t get. At least not the same way as I hear people talk about it around me, because it sounds different in my ears. I have always been the outsider - not even bothering to look in, through the windows of this world, this universe, this planet, which I have to call home, even though it sometimes feels like I`m on the wrong planet. (Trying to not sound like a crazy-person even though that`s probably too late already.) But I believe and feel that we are not born to fit in, we are here as individuals and are job here on panet earth is to stand out. So I am just naturally just doing my part of this job.

Thanks for reading and we`ll "meet" again soon.

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