Letting go and trusting the universe

"Let go and trust the process!", a psychic told me. One of the best readings I`ve had done on me. Just show the world your " POW BANG!!!" - energy that you were born with! Okay...huh? Really? And I remember I sat in the psycologist-chair ( I can never spell that word so don`t even make me try!)  This was many years ago, and said "I am afraid to be myself!" "Why?" the psychologist asked. Me: "I think I will blow up and I can`t handle it!" Omg! (Who says this at the psychologist, anyway...? I guess me.) No wonder why things go left...Not if you use your right brain, it won`t...lol...that`s where all the fun is!)

Just be yourself! Don`t care what people think (as long as you`re not hurting anyone else!) If you feel stuck, trust the universe! This shall also pass. Like so many times before. You`ll get through this also. Just pretend that you are karate kid...

How does the photo look like after a STRONG cup (several cups! ☕) of coffee? Well...

Don`t you hate it when people talk about a good topic and you get so interested ("Oh my God, she`s talking to ME! I got trust issues. I got..." jadda jadda jadda...) but all of a sudden they want to sell you things? And you didn`t see it coming. Me too, I hate that! Anoyying as h*ll! 😩

Don`t worry about it. Here is one of my old songs, by the way. (Like I`m not trying to "sell you this idea" so that you can share this video with all of your friends (But you don`t have friends, though...I`m so sorry...bad humor...The irony is strong today!) Here is "I trust the universe  - The remix". A remix of another song that I made once. I share this one because I have shared the original one like twice already, lol. Am I proud? NO! Well...hell yeah I am...because you should always be proud. Proud of things that you create, even though you know you can do "better". To me there is no real answer to what is "better" than other things I`ve created. This is fun in it`s own way (to me! And very homemade, obviously, that is my style.) But the real reason why I share this is because I haven`t created anything new - YET! Kind of sad because I am so creative that sometimes I go crazy. (My mind explodes, lol!)

Always trust the universe! I used to have no shame (I still don`t!) But I never earned a coin on this sh*t! Annoying as h*ll to me. So maybe I didn`t really try enough. I never TRIED! So, my advice is to try a little harder, wake up earlier to work on your goals. Stop buying random stuff all the time. Save the money and buy something to CREATE with. Something to realize your dream with. I bought purses. It never took me anywhere in life. I DIDN`T even wear them in outrageous photoshoots, I could at least have done THAT! (Maybe I will do that, though! It sounds like a cool idea for a video. I just have to get to my purses. If you can barely open the door because of the purses inside of the room (Tiny room, but still!) then maybe you realize that you once had a problem. Addicted to buying stuff is a very normal thing, though (called hoarding.) So it is not really unusual, and to be a minimalist is even WEIRDER. Many people think that minimalists are crazy. I became minimalist (-ish) after looking at the purses inside of the room. After many years...just looking...never wearing them,...just "Aha!, there it is!" Never used a single purse, but I WILL. On the next 17 of May, at the national day of Norway. It was a really boring 17th of May this year. BAD TV! Why? Because I wasn`t in Norway, but maybe next year I am. I am the one walking down the street like New York Fashion Week, behind the Tv2 cameras with my collection of luxurious purses. Kind of heavy, but my mother threw them on a wheelbarrow, no problem. "Mali Bergliot! Mali Bergliot! WAIT!" My real name. I am Mali Superstar, but parents don`t understand stuff like that. While I put on the last from Paris, Milan and Rome, she`s walking behind me in a traditional Bunad from South-Trøndelag in Norway. Crazy place! But they produce the best singers, though! Will be selling my purses on the corner closest to the Norwegian castle. (Like WERK! Gotta get my coin!) I will also sing "Hero" by Mariah Carey. Obviously; it`s going to be televized.

Because I TRUST the universe. I trust the process...I trust that I`ve lost a few pounds too.

I trust that my last Tiramisu was eaten ...5 minutes ago....I am letting go and I am trusting the UNIVERSE! (going to the kitchen to get the last pack of the 4-packs. Hello, it`s not my fault they sell 4-packs where I live! You want ONE but they sell 4? Really NOT my problem!!!!!!) The #irony is strong today!

Thanks for reading, thanks for being a witness of all the stories going on inside of my crazy mind, simultaneously.

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