Mali Loves: The 70`s and ugly wallpaper

Hi, and welcome back to my blog! ✌ Today I decided to blog a little bit again. Writing IS my passion (besides music  - and video creating. AND acting. We`ll come back to that later. Have to find the right style. A style that can last. So that my mother doesn`t call me and say "What the h*ll is this?" I think she is tired of explaining me to her "knitting club". She doesn`t really swear, though! (I`ve NEVER heard her swear. I have only heard the "Come put on your skiis! We`re going out to ski in the mountain" - kind of nagging. Oh, I hated skiing for so many years even though I was great at it. But I guess too much nagging about it killed the dream (about pursuing this sport.) I`m Norwegian so I was born with skiis on my feet. Oh, I`m getting sidetracked typical me...some say it`s ADHD, by the way. Oh, don`t make me start to talk about diagnosis! It is one of my favorite topics. EVEN THOUGH I have said to people over and over again that I DON`T believe in diagnosis. 😩 

Back to the topic 

It could be a headline. After sidetracking myself for five minutes or more that could be the perfect headline. But let me continue; the 70`s ugliness is so ugly that it actually is cute. 

So I decided to google "70`s wallpaper".

I`s so ugly. It`s so cute. Would I have it in my kitchen all over the cabinets? No. But maybe on a cup of chai tea latte on a cold fall night. Fall is coming back pretty soon. I love fall. I have always had the most achieved during fall season. (Well, to be honest; a calm break from failing. Since failing has been my life theme since...forever. Although I always say "That`s about to change!") There`s something about the magic in the air? Please don`t tell me there`s no magic in these photos! No, Mali...Magic is sunsets. Magic is walks by the river side. Magic is kissing a boyfriend (which you`ve never actually had) under a tree while leaves fall on your head. *Cut error sound* COMON! ...I have never heard such bull crap since I heard about Kayne West running for president. Okay, I know I sound like a crazy-person, but hey, just look at the patterns, you guys...

From "". Thank GOD I`m not alone in this situation! πŸ˜… There is actually people like me out there.

I`m also into these ugly cups that you can find inside your grandma`s cabin in the woods. Or at the Salvation Army. Great place to go shopping. In my home country we have a similar shop called "Fretex".

Both photos from

That was all I had to say today. I will be back again soon.