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Monday, August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020

Sometimes you have to "start over"...

Yes, sometimes in life you have to lose something to gain something new. Just an exchange - process. The old paves the way for new experiences in your life. You have to lose some to gain some. You never "lost" anything, though. I believe that everything exists at the same time. Because there is no time. I believe in the here and now, and the continuation of this exact moment. If you`re happy right now, chances are that you`ll be really happy in the future IF you don`t change this exact vibrational frequency that you`re holding right now. (If that makes sense?! Or was this too "new age" for you? I just don`t want to go totally "new age" on you. You probably ain`t got time for that.)

Webcam time (because I feel it`s the fastest way to snap sefies while I`m typing on my computer.)
Here I am going totally "New Age" on you...

Or maybe this is a better idea...

Some people just stare at other people for some weird reason...

I am not really that into New Age, but New Age is into me. Have no idea why, guess I`m just a study project for many lost souls. Just by looking at my high vibrating energy they can all agree on the same thing "I want what`s she`s having!" And I was just smelling the flowers (NOT those kinds of flowers...I know what you`re thinking!)

Back to the topic; Sometimes you have to start over. "Start over" is not really the right words to use because the truth is (in my opinion) is that you get on the right track. Not "starting over". You had to go through whatever that was...and then you see the new solutions. You see the light in the end of the tunnel. So, the struggle was only you walking through that tunnel.

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