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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

August 12, 2020

I will move to Wordpress soon...

For now, this is actually a Blogger-blog (we used to call it Blogspot in the past.) But it really is limited to what it can "do". But I am not doing much anyway here on this blog...but that is because the low motivation I`ve had for MANY YEARS when it comes to blogging and other creative activities. EVERYTHING to be honest!

But yes, I will move this blog to Wordpress soon. I recently read about Perez Hilton`s super-famous celebrity blog (and how much he earns!) and I was like...

"She`s NOT doing things right!"...

But I am not going to write about celebrities. Gossip is not my thing. I only love to write about myself. Obviously, that`s why I blog! Is it even possible to write #irony #justkidding in blogger posts?

I have been a blogger ever since bryanboy.com was a thing. I used to read his blog every day in 2006.
I just knew right there and then that I wanted to become a blogger. But recently I have not found his blog anymore. I guess he just stopped blogging. He became filthy rich, though. (Got discovered by the fashion industry, but in the beginning he was only writing about HIMSELF too! Just sayin`...But again; he had a talent for fashion early on and I...well...have been walking around in my clogs for the past 15 years.)

See you later and remember to stay positive. Just obey orders until they "know more".(They say there`s a virus going on in the world. I do not want to talk about this topic here on the blog because I have my personal opinion (And I do believe there are aliens who did it! Ok that was a joke!) but you know what happened to David Icke. If you know who he is? Nr 1. conspiracy theorist. His YouTube channel was taken down for being TOO honest.)

But through all of this craziness, at least coffee understands...

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