Gave up on ideas and sat on a chair for years....

Bad strategies made me end up sitting on a chair for at least 15 years. Desperate to be something in this world made me do some desperate choices through my life. Without telling the whole story the light version is something like...
Photo: Made by me a few years ago.

I`m not so much on social media anymore. We should social distance, shouldn`t we? (Okay, stupid joke! I am SO anti-covid19, you have no idea! Maybe, just maybe I will talk about this in a future article.) But there was a time, back in the a year ago when I used to hang on my own Facebook page like 24/7. I used to sing karaoke and I also had a few live shows over there.

I simply didn`t have "a life", is what people would say. I never heard anybody actually saying this to me, but it`s not hard to imagine. I didn`t know the difference between IRL and online. To me being online was my real life. I thought it was fun. I thought that I was funny. I am, though. (*laughing at myself*) But sometimes even I got annoyyed by my own voice. I love to talk so I talked a lot, basically. And sang! But I soon realized that I didn`t benefit from sitting on my butt for hours.You know the feeling when you can`t move anymore? And you just end up falling on the floor on your final attempt to move from the chair? MAYBE I am exaggerating a little bit. But actually I had come a long way...I was on the way...of becoming creativly free. Which was something I never dared to be up until that point.Which sounds weird because people probably thought I was a very free individual. But you`re never really free until you can say you have found peace in your life. To be okay with where you are here and now. So, when I was sitting on that chair I was actually working really hard. It was a hard job to just sit there. But everything that I experienced on that chair has led me up to where I am right now. I see it crystal clear now. It is all about evolving from one frequency to the next, and I really feel like I am on the right path to the next level. I am in the process of creating something new for myself and I think I like it.

But before I get too excited about my new ideas I will complain a little bit more (Just kidding! I will never complain EVER!)

"People stole my ideas"

I discovered fake news before fake news was a thing. Here my concept was to start a news-blog about what`s going on in society, but obviously I didn`t really care about what I had just read. To me it was all just some blah-blah-blah. Now everybody calls it "fake news". I remember that I used to be annoyyed by the illusion, it really is just an illusion, that it seemed like people stole my ideas before I started manifesting the ideas. I was just subconciously using the law of attraction. Now I know what it was all about back then. Just because somebody else has a great idea and it reminds you of YOUR IDEA, doesn`t mean that you should give up on the idea. Because likes attract likes and I was a magnet for people who had the same ideas and projects as me.

I was really over it when it came to news. Heard about this, heard about that, jadda jadda jadda. Like they say; I even wore the t-shirt. I almost became a conspiracy theorist because of the state of this planet. But it is not popular, so I stopped. And is still not a very popular thing, but I`m glad that more and more people are waking up.
Header that I was trying to make for my super-revolutionary project (eh..jeses...I wasn`t ready, obviously!)

Sometimes you have to make peace with your life and relax. 

But I can never completely relax in my life before I get my hands on this bag...


I think it`s irony (?)

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