On my coffee break...

I am on my coffee break (Yes, because I actually do stuff every day like everybody else, without going into details about what I do. For privacy reasons.)

So, I was thinking; Blogger is a platform that can be removed by Google any time. So, I am 100% doing the right thing here, by moving my blog to Wordpress. I wrote about it in yesterday`s article; I will move to Wordpress soon...I will also call my blog posts "articles" from now on.

Just like the famous vlogger Casey Neistat calls his YouTube videos "Movies". Even though we all know they`re "JUST Youtube videos". He also have said he is really proud to call himself a youtuber.
I do not agree with him about calling yourself a "youtuber". It feels restricted to me. I am stepping away from that platform because I would rather just post everything I create on my own domain. Ok, maybe my videos in the future will be uploaded to YouTube, but I will probably not make it public there.

Almost like the Salvation Army

I just don`t want to be a youtuber. And I don`t care if I never get views because of it. It`s easier to plan a meet up with 100 dedicated (but crazy, I love crazy!) fans that actually can SING your theme-song with you, then being a typical youtuber that gets invited to stand inside a tent at Vidcon (That`s what they do; stand there with a makeup palette.) Anyway; I am too old for that...No. I`m not...Yes you are, Mali! Youtube is not for you! It never was. But you get my point? Singing my song Free (that could be my theme song) in front of an audience of like 100 people would be cool. "Free all the innocent..."In my head it looks like a really cosy situation. Free tea and coffee (since I don`t drink myself ) I would serve crepe. I love crepe. I can eat 20 per day. I just want to be a person in service. Kind of like what the Salvation Army does. Don`t have a photo of it but...

Winning awards is my favorite (imaginary) hobby. Omg, I have so many stories in my head! So, I do indeed have a photo of that.

It really never became anything more than an imaginary vision. AT THE TIME! VERY important that you still believe in success even though you are still sitting on your butt ordering from Mc`Donalds every day and watching your dreams pass by like in a movie. As long as you wake up one day and do something with your life, being lazy all those years was actually worth it. But if you`re in your late thirties like me, and you are still fat and lazy, it`s OVER! (As long as you don`t do something to improve yourself really fast!) Here`s an article where I complain about my body. We all love to read about people complaining about themselves. It makes us feel so much better about ourselves. That`s why I wrote it. I hope you understand the #irony. Hashtags don`t work on this platform.

Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside of my own mind, simultaneously.

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