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Thursday, June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020

I want my body back!

They say "When you`re almost 40 (in 3 years!) it`s TOO LATE!" If you`re FAT and LAZY in your late thirties you are basically SCREWED!

Here I was younger, hotter and more famous than I am at the moment...

Yes, it is a very bad thing to say that about yourself. Because you should be feeling great at all times no matter what. (I feel okay at the moment, though. But okay suddenly wasn`t enough when my stretchy-pants weren`t STRETCHY ENOUGH ANYMORE! wtf?!!) I am just describing the truth. I nailed the 80`s look in this picture. (2007 - ish) Had a friend of a friend with a camera. 

Now I need a friend with a car. Because she is too lazy (Talking about myself as a third person so that I don`t acidentally, I MEAN ACCIDENTALLY (Acid is a great word, though...) don`t accidentally manifest an even worse situation. You know; words have power!) "She" is too lazy to walk or take the bus to town. "She" is also too busy eating chocolate and candy bars. "She" can stand in the supermarket , stuck in the candybar section and just stare; "5-pack Snickers!!!!!! Very cheap, on special!" I wish I had a retarded looking photo or video to show you my everyday life, lol.

Instead; super-retarded photos from my webcam (re-edited in Photoshop)...

   "Where is my tinfoil hat?! I am soooo scared! There are aliens outside of my window! Trump is a Zionist! Convin19 is fake news!" I look like Canadian geese in this photo. "Quak! quak! quaaaaaaaak!"

    Hi, I`m just an idiot! 😜😁

 Idiot with some attitude...