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Monday, June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020

There`s a thin line between love and hate...

In this "Mali loves..." blog post I am going to tell you more about what I love...and also what I dislike (or hate, although hate is such a strong word and I rarely use it.) You know; there`s a thin line between love and hate. I know you can relate to this...

Unknown source. Stole it on Google. (Too pissed off to search for the source.)

But even though sometimes you love the things that you hate, that is NOT how I feel about Microsoft Windows. For me; there`s only going to be HATE 4EVER and EVEEERRRR!!!!...

Webcam-taim to show you how I feel right now...the Windows computer is doing another "UPDATE"... WHY do I use a Windows computer? Well, I am in a journey and I could not bring my stationary iMac. 

It is not great...but you gotta survive...

Is it a virus? Is it crashing?

Phuuuu! It was only the weekly "update" to "clean the system" and make the Windows computer "great again".

That relieved feeling when you think that everything is going to be okay.

But you`re wrong...

Because you KNOW it can NEVER be great! EVER! Doesn`t matter what they do, really!

And if you don`t believe me and think that I am overreacting...

Photo: Somebody made it....baddest excuse ever.
But somebody was pissed off.

                                                 I can only handle Apple, Apple, APPLE!!!

Perfecty organized, just like I am! The irony is STRONG today!
Photo: Found it on Pinterest + did a reverse image search and didn`t find
the source. Bad excuse? Yes.

Nintendo was a favorite back in the day and
I still love the idea to play the old classic game.

Photo: I`ll just steal this image (Pinterest) Won`t happen again.

I love this:
It`s a pin. Photo: Pinterest. 

And now a great uplifting quote before I leave you once again...

Be a crazy, weird and creative person, so that other crazy, weird and creative people can find you! 

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