Cleaning supplies that don`t work...

"Cleanliness is next to godliness", they say. And that is EXACTLY how I FEEL TOO! 

But recently I have not been very satisfied...

It is obviously not working out.

Rap about the subject...beat is hardcore I am 😁...well, I have not started to make this song yet but you gotta write the lyrics before you start...

The house is a mess. But I love to clean and I`m the best. No, I hate to clean...well, I don`t know...I take that back! I LOVE to clean...don`t you see it on my face (*angry face looking at the camera* This is obviosuly a music video.) And I didn`t even wash my face. 

It`s very important to not make rhymes by force because that is so the 90`s. I am so over it. The best lyrics are the ones without any meaning at all. I believe that I am going really far with this sh*t. 

The chorus is like...

Wtf is wrong with the cleaning supplies? Gloves too tight! I just wanna make it right. So that I can survive. And watch my own YouTube videos...on rewind. Because I didn`t make it to YouTube rewind...not this year, not last year, not ever...but never say NEVER!!

Oh my god, this text is the SH*T!

Now a song about mopping floors and my hairdo (I know that is not a normal topic to make a video about. But hey, when did I ever become "normal"?) And by the way; I personally know someone who is trying to make a fool out of me by sending people photos of me (Which I went PROUDLY to the bank and cashed in on, got some coin if you know what I`m saying?! They had to empty their pockets so that I could cash in because I was Idol Mali!) Does it look like I do not want to be on this /these pictures? Mali - My Universe. Her secret past! )

Re-edited in Photoshop by me. The hair, tho!...and not in a good way. This was from a super-weird photoshoot in Oslo in 2007. Not so pro to be honest. I FEEL that! They won`t agree, though! The photographer was doing it as a side-hussle. Could have been a lot more practical and saved a lot of time if I just put a camera in front of me with the 10 - second self-timer. 😁

But when everything is being said; this is rather weird in comparison, I have to admit...Wow! This IS something to be "worried about"...people who know me just say "aha! that`s just Mali! She`s always been like that since she was a kid!" Psycological team (which I have never needed in my entire life, HONESTLY!) would say: "This is serious". And that probably goes for all the other YouTube videos I`ve ever made too. (Considering my real age!!!!) LOL! 😁

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