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Welcome back to another "blog article" here on The Mali Show. "I make videos". That is Pewdiepie`s description on YouTube. Biggest youtuber ever. But all of a sudden Mr. Beast passed him in subscribers. What if I passed them both? Okay, that was a joke. I am a JOKE. But I do NOT CARE!
Just look at my photo above. Who has the last laugh?

Latest videos. By the way; other youtubers make a cool still photo of their video as clickbait (and their content su*ks) but I stopped a long time ago. Don`t want people to think I am great or something. Although nice looking still images do WORK, I just don`t like what works if you understand what I mean? If I can`t be popular for being an idiot/nerd, then I don`t want to be popular. Right? The problem is; we don`t become popular. It IS the botox-people who get attention! THAT gotta STOP! Yesterday, on my nerd-walk down the street, which means ignoring EVERYONE I EVEN, I EVEN...saw at least 3 "botoxbitches" staring at ME, why? I look natural, don`t I? (They sat at the coffee table next to me. I forgot to mention that I am on the French Riviera! So, fake people are really the standard here.) Or perhaps because I WAS staring at you, honey! BUT THAT`S WHAT HAPPENS! Plastic is normally something that you want to throw in the garbage honey, not put in your lips...although I NEED something in my upperlip...got a tiny upperlip...But you know what`? I`d trather put SNUS in the upperlip. Tobacco honey! SWEDISH tobacco! I don`t do that, though...hate tobacco. But it sounds better and healthier in the long run...)

Okay, let`s hit that play button!...

Flying coach. Flying CAN be boring. And it CAN be boring to watch these videos  ("So BORING! Get a life, Mali!" 😒...Okay.)

An extremely boring part 2...

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