Cool cups!

"Just shut up, Mali! Give up TODAY!" An inner voice asks me to stop blogging, being on YouTube,
and just stop doing all the things I LOVE! But do I listen in the end? NEVER! 

I am not here so often anymore because I am over at The Mali Show, that`s why! My favorite place at the moment. Blog that is connected to my YouTube channel. So, what to post here?...

Pinterest is where I get inspiration. It is not so popular, I know. But I used to LOVE something called Polyvore back in the day. (People posted photos of their art and you could find a lot of "fillers" for your future artwork, which you could edit in Photoshop). Pinterst is as close to that site as you can get. 

Like a photo of a...


And plates, anyone?

Been to the pharmacy lately?
Or a tea party?

If you`re antisocial or don`t like the bitch in front of you ↑

These are cool...

If you go to too many tea parties, well, you can always try something new to calm you down...

That was a joke.

But anyways; I hope you choke! Not a joke.

Well, that was...sad to say but...a joke...I love to joke about these things...
My humor is dark and morbid. Haloween is my favorite time of the year.

All of these photos above are from Pinterest, my favorite place to "hang".  But this cup below
is MINE!...

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