The contest queen!

I always talk about myself. Me, me, me! But I am freaking tired of talking about ME! Let`s talk about someone ELSE for a change. In tonight`s blog article I am going to tell you something; this loser (Me! But I will become a winner soon!) has NEVER won anything in her whole entire life! Life has been a rollercoaster of losses. Perhaps we should learn from this woman right here...

The contest queen

It is a very interesting and kind of a shocking story, actually. How an average housewife decided to just compete in different contests. She won like 5000 contests! 😲 That was the short version. You should watch this video, but I understand if you just want to skip it...because I am not in it! 😜

In the past I used to lay on the floor and just visualize all the worst scenarios. I was a pityparty all
the freaking time. (The Contest Queen used the word "Pityparty" in a sentence. I like that word, though) Even though I always looked good (Photo below. Okay, I`m just kidding!) I was depressed. I never created ANYTHING! But I have started to manifest thongs now. I mean things. Oopps! 

And another question; WHY do people write so serious all the time? I misspelled a word. Bloggers around the world wide web are freaking BORING bloggers. Especially tech bloggers. I got only ONE thing to say; Microsoft Windows su*cks! I use it again now, so I know. But the errors were a lot more severe back in the early 2000`s because I hated the Mac Afee virus alerts. So, I uninstalled the anti virus software. It kinda didn`t help. It made me more depressed and obviously I layed on the floor again. But now the scenarios about the world were crazier. Since my brain was already on the frequency of the MacOs Catalina Version 10.15.7 (Latest version!) life was hard. My perfectionism in design was at its peak, and being forced to just watch the famous 60 second shutdown virus before my own eyes, was like watching my own life review, "Oh my God NO! I will have to throw this Medion (Worst computer ever made, I`m sure!) out the window!" (You know, computer rage? Which I didn`t do. I gave it to an idiot who didn`t know anything about computers and just used the computer as home decor.) It even came with an external DVD player. "So freaking cool!" H*ll to the NO!

I realize that I`ve talked a lot about myself anyway in this blog post. But I wish I found The Contest Queen a lot sooner. That would have become a gamechanger for me. I am the queen. I am just not the contest queen...

Right now I am only the diet coke queen pretending to be on an actual diet. 
But in spite of my failures I am going to win at life. And I hope you do too!

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  1. How too get skinny? answer: Visualize it and eat more icecream

    1. Hahaha! or cacao with cream. I drank 3 cups today!

    2. True! haha... Cacao with cream works best, just look at my belly, its amazing!

  2. If this was true, I would be a billionaire!