Should I make a series like this?

I love to act. Acting crazy is my favorite! But not everybody gets it; they THINK I`m like that! Which is partly TRUE. I am the "twin sister" of Jim. Carrey, that is. That`s how I feel. Weird, awkward, don`t fit in with weird outlook on life. Artistic with our own genre. With a sarcastic and ironic expression. Jim said a few years ago; "I don`t exist!" I don`t relate to that, but...I understand that he uses it as humor. But I totally agree that fame is stupid. And that red carpet events, celebrating the biggest idiots the world has seen, are meaningless. I loved that he said that. It was SO NEEDED in this botox culure and delusional world of so many people. At least he is being himself and REAL. Let`s be OURSELVES!

So, here`s my latest video...

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