Merry Christmas dear friends and frienememes!

I do not have enemies so I call them frieneMEMES...friends that I make memes from...yeah...
Just wait...I have a few ideas...just let me put my thinkingcap on...or...Christmassy stuff on the top of my head...

I will soon make fun out of some of my "closest friends".  "People that you spent an hour with on a train Mali?" 

Huh? Why don`t you believe that I got friends? 


"No you don`t!"

"You`re too weird for friends!"

"You`re a MEME!"

SHUT UUUUP! (although I secretly really love the idea!)

Thanks for reading. You have now been a witness of a conversation inside of my own mind. A conversation that will become reality one day. In a book or in a video or something really creative. 

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