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I have a real life emoji for every expression needed. And now it`s time for the "I`m so stupid! DAAAH!" - expression. WHY don`t I listen to my intuition?...

Why change something that works perfectly fine? I wanted ecommerce on my blog. But you can get ecommerce solutions on a blogger blog also. It is not so difficult. (You just pay for it like with everything else!) They say Wordpress is the best blogging platform for everything that you need (the nr 1. all-in-1 blogging platform) But I beg to differ. If you have a small personal blog - only for everyday blogging about your super-boring life 1. You could stop blogging OR nr 2. You use the cheapest solution, which is using a free platform. I feel that blogging should be as free as possible. With this solution I only pay for my annual domain fee. Because I want a personal .com domain. I do not recommend anyone to use a free platform - hosting domain if you want to become a popular / serious (or perhaps super-duper-famous?!) blogger. It just doesn`t look nice in my opinion. But using Blogger with my own domain since 2006 has not failed me. (It was just my own blogging concept that failed me. With other words; I FAILED! Which happens over and over again until you find something that works. I am STILL working on this issue, trust me!) 

In #blogger and #google I trust! 👍

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(This was not an ad even though I wish it was. It`s very important to be close with the company that will rank you high on the search engines - results. 😁)

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