Finally back on my favorite blog + random small talk...


People may say "Finally back home!" Well, yes, that is exactly how I feel about returning to the only blog that actually works for me, after trying another blogging platform that did not work AT ALL. 

Here I was really in the zone. 

I will be blogging about this, and nothing else, for a few weeks now. Just kidding! But I don`t really have anything to write about right now. I watched some vlogs on YouTube lately. There are som really weird and crazy vloggers out there. (You know who you are!) Some of them use scooters and film themselves. That`s some new level shit. In a bad way...almost like Segways (I kinda like Segways, though. I sometimes film tourists on Segways, passing by me on the streets. Really retarded shit. And that`s why I love it!) But if you want to be cool for REAL; Heard about a hoover board? Or a boosted board? WAAAY cooler. DAAH! #irony 

Heard about this guy? Casey? Coolest vlogger EVER! I binge watched 300 + videos by him when I first discovered him. His YouTube channel.

Boosted board and drone, no problem!...


Drone experience in a Santa`s outfit, no problem either...



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