Future plans + some "hot rhymes" only Mali can come up with...

Sing more. Karaoke live shows on my Facebook page or YouTube channel (because I love live shows!) And record some weird songs (You know it gets weird!) Videos? MORE is the word. Just make more. Leave it all to the upload button. When in doubt - just upload!

If they tell you that you can`t sing (ain`t nobody`s business if you can or cannot sing!)...

Just stop caring so much about what others think. I never did anyway BUT I never felt like it was the right timing to take out my inner craziness. Not lately anyways! I`ve been too busy lately. With this society that we live in. You know; the other universe?...where you can`t be yourself?...there`s a cancel culture going on right now...Yes! Where you cancel YOURSELF! But if you are true to yourself  you`ll become NORMAL AGAIN- you know those days are returning! It`s that thing going on OVER THERE that is NOT NORMAL. I have no idea what kind of drug they`re on, I just know I am NOT taking it. #IaintHavingIt

Here I am still believing that I can become the new Marie Antoinette. 

You may believe that things are impossible in the world, but NOTHING is impossible in Mali`s universe. 

your photo name And I don`t stop! Cause I won`t stop! Just like a hip hop song. I get my swag on all day long.

And I own a drone! But I haven`t even tried the drone because I only found a red zone on the drone map. (But never say never. High five to the best excuse ever!) I am still a kid cause growing up is a trap. I suck on my lolly while sitting on Santa`s lap. Presents are thrown at me, money spent on me like I am so kind of freakin` lottery. I put a crown on my head while I watched Paris Hilton`s documentary. She looks so free, but still so trapped. Let`s fight our inner demons and return to glitz and glam. In the mids the boredom, but on my way to "stardom", I never forgot who I am. I never quit dreaming and working on future plans. Life was hard but I never stopped, cause I can`t stop and I won`t stop and that`s why you are my biggest fan.

Photo created while I struggled at my worst with this society we`re forced to be a part of.
Marilyn would understand. 

Thanks for following me on this journey. Thank you for reading a script that I wrote before I was born. We all know what we came here to be. If you don`t, please start looking for yourself! (I am still looking for myself. I am now sitting here with a world map trying to figure out where Mali is. Realizing it is a place in Africa. I`ve always known about this interesting African country but why me...WHYYYY?? Why is there always a war going on when it comes to MY NAME! Okay, I will relax now. Looking at an empty coffee cup. "I need to buy more coffee!" )

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