I did not like Wordpress as much as Blogger...

I didn`t like Wordpress, so I am transferring back my domain (malisuniverse.com) to this blog. 

I like things simple, and this platform is very simple.

The reason is very simple; the text formatting. The way you type and organize a blog post in Wordpress is by "blocks". They think it`s great and organizing for people but it is also very confusing. I just want to type directly into the post...FAST!

I `ll be busy transferring my domain now...It takes time. See you later, bye! 💓

I just wish I listened to my intuition because I just KNEW this would happen. I am writing like a crazy maniac in this photo and that is WHY I blog. I don`t have time for the"blocks" and all of the Wordpress stuff (SORRY Wordpress!)

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