"Your behavior doesn`t suit you or your age!"

Welcome to....Insult taim! When sometimes opinions of others sound like insults but are really facts.😂

I am almost 40 (39 and 2 weeks!) And I love to talk about my age. I do that a lot.
Basically because I look good for my age. 👍 It`s very important to believe this - always.

I am gonna be that old lady with a lepard tights, with dreadlocks hair (It`s a dream only. Can`t really have dreadlocks because then you have to cut off your hair afterwards. I can`t deal with this.) Wearing the biggest, fakest fur coat you`ve seen in your life..."Wow! 80 years old on a skateboard (I`m gonna learn how to skate when I`m like 60.) "The fur coat is by...herself...she made it...she went to a thriftstore on her skateboard and bought fabrics and sewed it all together. DIY vs. DIOR? DIY WINS! Her name is Mali by the way. Once she was Idol Mali and now an outrageous designer!"...okay...too many coffees...It`s actually after the coffees that I come up with serious ideas that I could get paid for, instead I`m sitting on my butt. At least I don`t have a huge butt. Btw: Those Kim Kardashian Instagram stunts in fake fur are just silly in comparison. Yes, I stopped by her Instagram yesterday. Just to keep up - with the kardashi-spam! And don`t tell me Kylie is a "self made billionaire" Whoppi Goldberg said on that show she`s on (The View?)"Yes, she`s self made, yes, she`s self made. She is a strong, young independent woman. Didn`t get no help!" Well, she got help from KIM! Kim decided to be a little "creative" one night with a boyfriend at the time and the rest just followed. Boring! Why the h*ll am I talking about the Kardashians? I have NO interest in this or whatsoever!  

(Can`t wait to watch the first episode of "The Kardashians". New series premiers in 2022! OMG! JESEEEES!) 

I am gonna cut down on the coffee. 

But I guess my point is;  I am not as boring, though. This is a FACT!  My own fact. That I have come to my own conclusion to. I don`t really care too much about others opinions regarding myself. But you haven`t been inside of my mind either, have you? WOW! Have you taken all the rollercoasters in a themepark, like...simultaneously? I haven`t posted anything in months, been eating junk food, my butt hasn`t gotten any bigger, just the rest of my body is out of proportion, but I honestly feel like I have more to bring to the table, if you understand what I`m saying. SO WHY DON`T YOU? is a valid question right now. YES! this is absolutely true, and I am working on some ideas. (Been saying for ten years that I am working on ideas...so yeah...😬) But The Kardashians only know how to lay on the table. It`s too simple. `Cause we all know how to lay on a table. We were born on the table, we`re gonna die on the table, honey.

This is actually a fact, though. Most average people my age don`t do what I do. They kind of...give up. "I`m too old now...I see how my friends are becoming so serious, posting their latest meal on their Facebook wall. It`s the only application that is soutable for us now, we`re almost 40 over here. Deleting TikTok five minutes into trying it. So freaking cool, but not really suitable for me after all. Am I gonna dance or sing? I am talented but it`s just that...I don`really see many almost fourthy year olds doing anything like this." *Starting to dig into the closet, finding a grey skirt to use tomorrow at the mission* But they LOVE to watch others, like myself, making a fool out of themselves. Oh yeah! *Knitting a sweather just to be able to brag about knitting a sweather to a friend and a family member* "So, have you been knitting anything lately?" Me: "No...I have not...but I have been making another youtube video...with myself singing into an old telephone...(Getting a weird smile back, like "Omg! what`s wrong with this person?") wearing some short skirt and my ponytale on the side...and I put some really cool effects on that video...glitch effect? Heard about that?" The other person: "What are you talking about?" Me (secretly thinking) "Yeah, this knitting - situation...don`t get it either." Although I am not against knitting. My time has not come for knitting just yet. 

The other person: "I don`t hate YouTube creators and bloggers. It`s just that something magically happens when your almost 40". But I`ve heard that when you`re almost 50, you just don`t give a damn anymore. It is the surrendering stage. My surrendering stage really kicked in at ca. 35. It is not an age-crisis but rather the feeling that nobody and nothing can stop me from being me. An inner force.  A nerdy, over-creative and weird person in their mid - fourties would say to a person like me: "Cool! Want to collaborate on my next video?" So, I am not alone. There are many people like myself out there. I also believe that evolution is making us look and behave younger. 40 can be the new 20. But in some cases 15. 👍😂 

Here I am looking at myself in the mirror..."What a beautiful rose!" What a gem" ....
All the things I wish my boyfriend told me. (Kinda don`t have a boyfriend, though, kinda not my thing...I kinda like computers more...okay, this sounds really bad. LOL! 😂)

Although I can agree to "You should just pick up the hairbrush a little more often!"

"You`re behavior doesn`t suit you or your age!", my mama said. Wondering if I should make a song about this. But to my own disapointment I realized that there are already songs like these. "There`s gonna be days like these, days like these, my mama said". So, now that dream is over.

So, what have we learned here? YES! That there are so many more dreams left. So many more dreams left. And that if you don`t stop  - you won`t be stopped. As long as somebody doesn`t knock you in the head with a hammer. (A blow up hammer is okay, though.)
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Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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