Alien abduct me!

Welcome back! I have made some new music lately...

It is probably TOO weird for you. And that`s OKAY 😁...

I make stuff with my old Windows computer at the moment, because I am traveling. It is impossible to travel with a stationary Mac, as you probably already know. But Windows is very BAD. I have struggled to edit my videos lately. What you can do is limited and at the same time it is complicated. I have no idea why they create softwares like these. (The one I`ve used is Sony Vegas.) It does the job, though. (In the end!) I`l l be back to my Mac eventually, anyway.

This is Windows. I stole this picture on the world wide web, but it is still pretty much the TRUTH!

Here is my "wonderful" music...Please judge for yourself! 😁 And you could also follow me here on the blog and on YouTube for more. I will be posting more soon. Surfing on a wave of creativity right now 🌊


Have a wonderful day / night wherever you are. 
Happy editing photos, videos, music or whatever and have a great fall. 🍁

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