Welcome to another blog post! I am not here too often at the moment. But I will be! I am working on the idea. Some projects are up in the "air" if you can put it that way. Ideas are coming to life. Out of nowhere. But also out of "Something". Never without the "red thread". The continuity of the main storyline. I looked it up on Google. 

Important to not spread yourself thin in this game. Focus on exactly what you`re the best at!

I am at my best whenever I entertain. But you can do that in various forms. But choose the form that you are able to perform RIGHT NOW. 

Podcast is my thing at the moment. They are so BAD that I can only pray to higher powers to become better at doing them. So, that`s why I continue doing them. You never know when a miracle is sent from above. And I believe in Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Jah, Hare Krishna, angels, spiritguides, satan, sankthans...(Sankthans = a midsommer party. The feast day of St. Johannes. I do believe in that time of the year.)

I do believe in a lot of things, also fall decorations (it`s cute!)... 

Getting sidetracked 

I support everything, but not the Jehova`s Witnesses. Just draw the line there! I tried once to talk them out of their nonesense, but after everything I said they still smiled and said that they were "Very, very happy in their lives". I had wasted 30 minutes out of their precious time while they were flashing off their "ready for another meeting at the mission - kind of outfits". To convince them that we are reincarnated and will live AGAIN - depending on what kind of life we decide to live in that new reincarnation. Looked at me like I am some kind of lost soul. Well, let me tell you...honey...I decide what to talk about on MY DOORSTEPS! They were almost leaving my door. Which is actually unheard of. That`s how stubborn they were. In their beliefs. Even though they kind of wanted to hang in there...you know...to see if there`s a tiny chance of hope that this lost soul will surrender. I had no hope or what so ever. "Hope is a BEGGAR!"(One of Jim Carrey`s speeches.) I just like the attention and use the opportunity to talk about MY special interests. They moved on after hearing about my specialities, and their grey skirts with matching coats screamed a "We are really, really happy with our lives". Because that is what I asked them; if they were happy. You know, in that ironic way. They have witnessed Jehova for so long now that there`s no turning back for them. They love it so much that they will become Jehovas Witnesses in their next lifetime too. With other words; the door to heaven will not be the last door. 

Listen, you really have to hold your ground when it comes to these people. Attack them with their own slogans and propaganda! Just find your own topic and bombard their brains with it. They are gonna hate it. And they`ll leave you alone, trust me. "You`re gonna be sorry you came to my door. I am only interested in building colonies on Mars, so I wish they started that Space X program like ASAP and just moved people to Mars. I have a few people on my list." I do the same with politicians as they knock on my door during political rallies. Every time they came to my neighborhood, I looked through the curtains. I saw them walking passed my house, so they have obviously removed me off their list.

That could be another podcast in the future. Maybe. Maybe not. Not even Mars can handle it.

Anyways; I was getting way too sidetracked here. Did I mention that I have ADHD?

Here are my recent - and super-weird podcasts (Not really podcasts, though):

The show that you can't tell your friends about. Because then you don't have friends anymore.
(Okay, that was a joke.)

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