UNPLUG and live your life!

OK, HERE IT COMES! You thought that I wasn`t gonna say anything. Well, you are so wrong!

My view on the Corona virus.

Stop plugging into this whole virus-thing! Some of it is bulls*it. And you should not believe all of it. But there is a virus, though. (Or is there? that could also be a hot topic.) People are getting sick for some reason. Even though people have been getting sick for ages. With "flu-like-symptoms". But I believe it was created, a manmade virus. I do feel that. The darkness that controls this planet is out of control. (China, USA, whoever started this thing.) I do NOT believe that this came from bats! Bad excuse. (They inserted the virus into bats if that is the case. Just for the sake of the wonderful excuse. (Okay, maybe not but...I just DON`T feel it. I get this huge error *BEEEP!* "China`s wet market is where it was first found because China bla bla bla"..not buying into it, sorry.) Just another stupid lie. It does NOT fool yours truly Mali. From now on "Conspiracy Mali". (Yes, you know, I would LOVE to have a chat and a night cap with David Icke. As long as he LEAVES, lol!) Obviously; you don`t have to believe any of this and listen to the "fake news"(my personal opinion.) It is all up to you. But people are waking up to the truth, finally! Hopefully. A lot of people will anyways...because WHAT comes out of this will be very weird. So people will start to wonder...even the most ignorant people out there. Are YOU one of them? Please don`t be. Unplug from all of this madness and live your life. Toiletpaper rolls are not gonna save you. They might save you in the toilet TODAY, though. IF the crisis became so bad, don`t you think we`ll all just die anyway? Like a bulk action on your computer. BANG! And...do you really want to be the last person alive just like in I Am Legend movie?....

.....Hmm!...This is where I regret and actually would LOVE to be the last person on earth...eh, NOT! I am SO SORRY. Bad joke. Really bad. You should be ashamed, Mali. I am, trust me. Just forget that I wrote this. I write whatever I want here, but if it is too crazy I will just say I`m sorry and move on. My blog, my domain, I payed an annual fee to write whatever I want. Just wanted to point that out.

Let me continue...The money system that we have right now will collapse. They want a one global currency monetary system. A digital one. So the cash will be gone eventually. That is "their" main goal. Who are they? I`m sure the Vatikan has something to do with it...(okay, that was a classic conspiracy theory! I have no idea, but there is darkness behind all of it, I do believe that.) I don`t want to write too much about this topic today. I get too carried away, I`m afraid. (No wonder why I have security cameras everywhere in my apartment. NOT!...That was irony.) I do have another life besides looking at the local newspaper and the "Corona map". I was just told to go take a walk in the sun and relax, lol. Well, maybe I should go to my local mall and relax. I always feel so relaxed in front of the easter candy. That was irony.

Anyways; here is my conspiracy-look (straight from the webcam and re-edited in Photoshop):

I stopped watching TV because of all the bullsh*t a long time ago, ever since I was on Idol in 2006, I just had enough. I was just destined to throw the TV out the window. (I am now literally seeing a movie in my head of me throwing the TV out of the window.) And now; look at me. Look how amazing I am doing...37 going on 14.


I want to end this blog post by clearing up something that is very important.

I do feel sorry for the victims. It is crazy what is going on right now. But I do not believe everything that they are saying about it. Because I feel that there is a lot MORE that they don`t say. Truths that they are hiding from us. Numbers etc. Every time I refresh the news in my browser I just get this instant error - feeling inside my gut. I can`help it. But it doesn`t mean that I do not empathize with the victims. I empathize with all victims. Let`s NOT FORGET the cancer victims and the other illnesses right now! Every day there`s a new victim of these illnesses. Where is THEIR vaccine? I hope people aren`t that ignorant that they don`t see through all of this. But there is a "blessing in desguise" through all of this; This will make us stronger as a whole. Families come together again. People divorce , finally, after many years with the wrong person. You simply can`t live a life of total lockdown, in quarantine with Mr. or Mrs. WRONG. You will not eat the food that you just bought, you will throw it on eachother. Food war! Trust me. But toilet-paper war is the worst war. Trust me! Or war with a huge bag of flour. I bought a huuuuge bag of flour, by the way. Instead of buying all the bread from the shelves I decided to be ready IF the crisis became really BAD locally where I live, and bake homemade tortillas instead of being like a totally selfish idiot, like so many others I`ve seen. Unlike many others, I was born to live like this. Locked up in my own apartment (voluntarily) for many years made me strong as h*ll to handle almost anything. Now we`re all living like this. It became the new thing. But the main point is; how do we handle this period? Times like these bring out the best and the worst in people. And another great point; how do we CHOOSE to continue to live after all of this is over? will we go back to our old selfish ways or become kinder? I feel that we will become better. Because after this is will never be the same again.

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