I deleted a blog in the past called "".

This was one of the blog posts...Yes! I have shared this before, probably, but you gotta share again and again. That is how you get to the top! And from now on I am stopping at NOTHING! Ain`t gonna stop, ain`t gonna quit. Isolation took out the beast in me. I`ll be back soon.

In the meanwhile...

Welcome to my "wonderful" world where I basically just talk about...well...ME! I never liked gossip, anyway. (That was a lie. But I try to stay away from least; 2020 will be a year (is already a year) more focused on myself, and not gossip and "fake news".) Find out who you are instead! Like I do... was wild. I will use the domain again soon.

Here is a video from my "The Mali Show" YouTube channel:

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