I blame the Eurovision Song Contest!

From a video on YouTube. I found this weird person on a video and just decided to use her in this blog post.
Crazy right?
Hi there, beautiful people, like the Marilyn Manson song "Beautiful People" (I LOVE him and many of his songs, by the way.) Just like him; I don`t really care too much about following trends and being "perfect".  Nobody is perfect anyway. We are imperfectly perfect. 

So, I decided to come here more often to blog, every day / morning would be an ideal time for me at the moment. (Or whenever I can take a break from daily duties.) While cooking eggs. I am cooking two eggs as we "speak". I will return to write more. My kind of blogging is like knitting, you take breaks but you always come back.

Here I am an hour later. The show must go on! What do I want to write about today? Well, I am going to write about the first that comes to my mind...one of the stories that is playing on rewind inside of my mind.

I blame the Euro Vision Song Contest

I have been a periodic blogger for years, but never found a real "voice", because the voices in my head are echoes like;"fame, stardom, fortune, Hollywood, Oscars awards". Ever since I was 6 years old and watched my first Euro Vision Song Contest on TV.  So it`s been kind of hard just to exist in the present. 

"Idol Mali`s Blog" Inspired by when I was on the Norwegian Idol. I have used the character/persona in videos and blogs in the past, and I have even tried to forget the incident, but I have to live with it for the rest of my life, as a memory. We all have memories, and one of my memories is a weird one. Or am I wrong for calling it "epic?". It has been my life theme. But I have been ready to move on from this period of my life for MANY YEARS! - It still keeps haunting me. And it doesn`t make a difference if I stop talking about it either because another person will bring it up, again and again. But in the end...I don`t care...and people really don`t care. 

But IF I sould blame something...

I must blame the Euro Vision Song Contest for "ruining my life". That first glimpse of a person with a microphone, yelling her heart out in a loud and loooooong "Weeeeeeeeeh!" That was WHEN! the moment I manifested EVERYTHING! That was when I became that weird "pothead" or potato-head? You know...without actually taking any drug. (Stay inside of my mind for a day and you never want another drug again in your life!) So, I blame society, obviously, and TELEVISION! Threw out the TV many years ago. It had done enough harm to my braincells. Although I take that back because I guess being an entertainer no matter how many people you reach, to entertain in you lifetime, is still a life purpose that I was born with. So, to blame outside circumstanses and events for the abilites you were born with is kind of stupid. You were just born like that, and you have to accept it. But it would be a lot easier to fit in if I was a lot more average. I can be average, for a few months, but then Iose interest in the average ways of life and return to the less average ways - or some may say "that`s one weird freakshow right there!" IF, only IF you could see what`s going on inside of my mind. All of the colors spinning in circles. Neon colors, psychedelic. A mushroom trip a real addict would be so jealous by. I have only been outside in the forest smelling the flowers. And I even took pictures of them. OMG! That`s SO WEIRD! Am I becoming normal?

Stop Mali, become more down to earth and blog more like Sophie Elise!

(Even though she's not the best example. Still she is more average than I am, I feel.)

A voice in my head is yelling "STOP!" and "Become more like a Norwegian Pink - Blogger! Write about outfits! Try to sell your outfits with an affiliate code! Here, here and here!" Click, click, click!(Don`t click, they`re fake. Just as fake as I would be if I decided to copy the typical bloggers in Norway. And Sophie Elise was one of them. Not saying they`re all like that, but....hey, they`re all like that...Sorry! Individuality is strongly needed. Individuality is underrepresented.)

But let me try to talk a little bit about topics close to the "Norwegian pink - blogger"`s hearts...
I used makeup sometimes (for entertainment purpose only.) For a video or something like that. Me acting dumb with clown makeup on. My relationship to the makeup industry is a very relaxed one.
I use facemasks sometimes. Less and less, I have to be honest, because I stopped plucking my face, and that made my face look better, obviously. But the dark facemasks are my favorite. (I have used Charcoal and death sea clay.) But the main goal is always to STOP plucking on my face, on nothing, because there was really nothing there, it was just an OCD -  thing I had since I was a teenager. But I am a lot better now. (In my late thirthies I can finally say that I have conquered this issue.)
So, have I ever cared about using make up? No! But the fondations have been a must-have for many years. But now I have not used a fondation since the beginning of 2019. 
Again, back to the topic; I don`t care. I have always had other things on my mind. Although I look hot in make-up...no, sorry I mean HAWT! Okay, I just felt like saying that. You should always think the best of yourself. No matter how old you are. But I don`t feel the need to use make-up. I don`t want to tempt my Somalian neighbor who always talks too much to me when I pass him. He talks and stands in the corner! Okay, I get it; it is Corona-times now. I wish his "dress" was a little longer. The socks don`t match the rest of the outfit. I know a thing or two about outfits.

See you later! Remember to put your thinking cap on...
or a crown. As long as you never stop dreaming and believing...
in the unbelievable...

Old photo found in my archive.

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