I got my swag on!

It is never to late to try out different styles. Here I was a few years ago. Trying out that gangster-rap-style. At least that is what I was repeatedly saying to myself; "I look like That Notorious BIG-crew" I am the Notorious Mali. I never fit in anywhere, so why not just pretend. So then I pretended to be this and that a few years. I never really found ONE path that I liked. I liked too many paths, often all of them, simultaneously. A psychic once told me "You have lived so many past lives". Don`t make me tell you about my past life as a silent actress from Kansas. I do not want to talk about this again and again.That Dorothy from Kansas-story. Not even sure if it is true. I was alchol poisoned. So that was why I never could get addicted to anything in this life. (Except for cake, I guess.) Well, you can make it "true" if you choose to believe it. You can choose anything in life. But at this point in my life, on this very day, a few years back, I chose that rapper-look. Photoshopped myself into a graffiti wall and gave you my leg, served you my left leg...what is that even FOR? I have no idea. Some rappers tie a headscarf around their leg. I didn`t even do that. But one thing I did do, and still do to this very day; I do not give a damn...If I look like sh*t. There is a good kind of sh*t too. So you also have a fat belly? Listen, that`s what we have those cool over - sized camo shirts for. To cover up that cake-belly. "Do something about it!"they say. I would rather eat cake. Great suggestion: Tiramisu. Gets the blood flowing in all the right places, honey. (That Espresso takes your creativity to a new level.) Don`t listen to NOBODY!
Did I ever care about other people`s opinion?

Here I am on the stage in my fantasy-world again...like so many times before. But fantasies become reality if you choose to belive so. T-Pain is an artist that messed around with autotune. He changed the game for many artists. Instead of finding the right pitch , he used the wrong pitch. Now you don`t need talent anymore. Kind of cool, right? But there is talent in sounding as crappy as he made it sound. I want the crap back. So I decided to make - crap rap. Here the T-Pain effect is out of control. But the T-Pain - effect must be brought back, it`s about TIME! It ended on a wrong "note", though. More than once.WHO CARES!?! As long as I CARE! (T-Pain would love this sh*t. Maybe I should mail it to his crew?) It should be more about you and less about what other people think.This sounds like shit to a lot of people. (To everybody, actually, But hey! Maybe THAT`S ECACTLY my thing (ok, you can try to make this sh*t yourself and see how long you`re gonna last trying to figure out the T-Pain effect (I made this sh*t in less than an hour...just saying. Now I am gong to quit saying "shit". It is about time.) My point is; I don`t care about rules that destroy people`s creativity. 

The "song" that I made sounds better with headphones - than without (If it is even possible to make it sound better?! Actually, I have one issue; I always say that things that I do are not good enough. That creates negative energy. I will from now on just upload weird useless things and let YOU decide.) I made this because...well, I was very hyper, let`s put it that way. I was in "the zone". And the faster I pressed record - the worse it became. "This really sounds like crap!", and then I pressed that upload-button faster than I had ever done before. Get it if you can. I sometimes don`t get it myself.

"Yo! I just wanna get my swag on while Justin Bieber is singing his new song. I have to admit that I`m kind of jealous of his swag. But I can pay less to look like this. Yes, so I went to the Salvation Army like a hot mess, nobody can stop me now."

The chorus is like...
"I`ve got my swag on. She got her swag on!" Depends on who is saying it. I always create different tracks for different "people". Even though...all the people are just...me.

 I have no idea what swag really means, so that is why I love it even more. I scored pretty high on the Aspergers test back in the day, but I am too smart around people. Understanding people and everything. You know...the social stuff. 
What???? Really? Okay, I`m just kidding. One thing that I never wanted to do on this blog was to talk about private issues. We all have them. I prefer to fantasize, visualize, reminisce. Google translate: "Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events". 

"I got my swag on while on the radio they are playing Justin Bieber songs." (I had a period of questioning Justin Bieber`s agenda, I guess. The table with the cake in the music video, "Yummy", because all I wanted was to eat the cake. WHY all the cake on the table, why that green jelly stuff? It was confusing to me. Why was his hair pink? All kinds of thoughts went through my mind, like; is he going to create his own make up collection soon and become a youtuber again? Is one of the eyeshadow shades going to be named "Ellen"?)

Older, unfinished version (Draft. NOT great at all. I don`t care, though!)...

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