February favorites...

Welcome back to another blog post.

I have a category called "Mali loves..." where the idea was to talk about stuff/items that I love.  A lot of people talk about all the crap they love as monthly favorites. And then they show and tell. I have no shampoo or favorite...dildo to show you (Sorry! I am more on the Tech - side.) Here are my February favorites:

1. Twitter. Yes! I am on twitter every day now and my following is like 2000000...200 and something but I don`t really care about numbers. ( I only care about the fabulous numbers in my bank account.) I just like Twitter because not a lot of idiots hang out there...and I just can`t deal with idiots. (Like Donald Trump is not an idiot.)

Me: https://twitter.com/MalisUniverse

2. Soundcloud. This is the best place for underground music. Not so famous yet - musician. Not so famous EVER - musician, but in my opinion; they make the best music. They are not slaves of the music industry. Here we can listen to music created by people like you and me. Be your own boss!

The kind of music that I listen to and use as vlog - music. Happy, go lucky - kind of music. (Swedish people rule.):

3. Sony Vegas Pro. I am now stuck with a Windows PC and I 95% hate this situation. The 5% is just the fact that I NEED it. I need SOMETHING! Why I do not have my Mac right now is a whole different story, a pretty long one. I don`t have the time nor the energy to talk about that right now. It takes a lot of energy and efford to talk about not having a Mac. It is a sad situation and my soul just needs time to heal. (It is not going to last very long, though. A PC, to me, is always a cry for help during desperate times.) Now, let me talk about this Windows software that I CAN APPRECIATE.

Sony Vegas is simple, yet advanced enough to call it an editing software. Unlike MANY other "freebies"out there (that you even have to buy (with a closer look) you don`t always realize that it also has that annoying watermark when you export the video.) Actually, Vegas is pretty good.
I have used Adobe Premiere and it does NOT do the job any better. It is heavy, confusing, "advanced" without being advanced. The 100 + control panels that you have to navigate through makes it really advanced-looking and confusing to work with. I uninstalled Premiere within 1 hour, just looking at the software. I have used it in the past, but I din`t remember how bad it was. Last time I used it was in my Windows-days. Windows, popups and virus-days. I didn`t know any better back then. I have evolved now (So sad to see that windows has not evolved.) But Vegas I can appreciate. It has only a few simple control panels and you just kinda "drag and drop" effects and plugins on to the timeline. And an outdated version of the software works perfectly fine too (like mine. After a few google-clicks I landed on version 13. 13 is a great number. Nothing like Friday the 13th). Can`t believe I am saying this about a Windows software! I usually use Final Cut Pro (Apple.)

Here I am using it for the very first time:
How I look is a completely different story. I do not have the time nor the....aahh!

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