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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

I will blog every day AND a podcast from Christmas!

I always say this; I will say it again. I will blog every day. Every freaking day! Every DAMN day! It always turns out to be a big, fat LIE! But like I ALSO say all the time "I will TRY this time!"

You see the enthusiasm in my eyes. I love to create. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be in front of the camera (and behind it. Actually; I want to be inside the camera!) People said to me "Get a real job!". I`m like...uh? job? Wash the floors in the supermarked? To earn som bucks? I did that a few years. It was sadder than a Norwegian TV program about a cruise ship in the fjords, minute by minute. (Don`t remember the title of the program. It was just very long and minute by minute just nothing really happened, just fjords...well, some people are into that also.) If it is boring I simply don`t do it. Just like Grumpy Cat used to say (Grumpy Cat died, by the way! Had some kind of disease at the age of 7.) "I tried that once - hated it".Well, I`m from Norway so...(I will not say anything more about this subject in case somebody gets offended.) They have solutions and options for people like me there. Enough said about that! I am more the vlogger/blogger - type anyway. So I am pretty satisfied just waking up every day doing what I love - for the rest of my life. Some things in life are the way they are for a reason. It is always because you somehow created it yourself. Even though things could have been a little different, I have to be proud of my own design. But I am going to edit my own design, one day at a time. Like I have already edited my design for the past 10 years, ever since I realized that my life is actually a design. Get it if you can!

Now over to something else...

Who doesn`t want to hear a podcast that should have been posted a month ago? Who wants to go back to Christmas in late January? (Me, me, me! - NOT!) Well, here is my December-podcast. I forgot to post it during Christmas. I was too busy doing un-Christmassy things.

It is in Norwegian, though. (If you do not understand Norwegian. I do expect to get some new international readers / fans eventually! But a song in the end is in English. It is weird. (With super-weird dance moves.) You may want to jump to that part!

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