I never blog anymore (that`s gotta change!)...

Hi, how are ya?

Welcome BACCCK to my blog! I just tried a Jeffree Star - opening. He just broke up with his boyfriend. (His boyfriend wasn`t into men after all? That was my nr 1 thought.) I followed Jeffree back in the day when he made his super-weird underground-electronica-music with really BAD lyrics (I`m telling you; BAD!) But the sound is very...me. Believe it or not, I do like this sound...

But after he blew up as a make up guru (he could never have blown up with these kinds of lyrics anyway! So I get it.) I lost interest. I have no interest in make up. But I sometimes watch his videos just to see what he`s up to. He does have an over the top - style/personality. Who else do I follow? I follow ASMR - artists (Look up "Asmr", I don`t have the time or energy to explain this right now), Tarot-readers and my favorite vloggers like Casey Neistat. But I want to stop watching others and rather create something. Nr 1 goal since FOREVER!

I almost never blog anymore. I counted how many blog posts I wrote in 2019 and it was like 5! So I can not call myself a blogger. I CAN NOT call myself a vlogger either. I made like 2 vlogs last year! I posted them on YouTube (not here) and it was just as weird as usual...

If you are super-interested; here it is (and yes indeed, I talk in English, since I want to be an INTERNATIONAL "superstar", but I guess I`m just super-weird...super weird and I can`t help myself. And the self-help-books didn`t have a strategy to help me either...so I gotta be proud of it ;-) :

From one of my two channels, called The Mali Show

What else do I want to say before I sign out?

Yes! new year`s resolutions for the revolutionary year of 2020:

Nr 1: Blog more, vlog more, become more selfish and arrogant! (YES! I know it sounds bad! But sometimes it can be a good thing.) Take more pictures of myself, like "professionally", with the DSLR camera in selfie mode...if I can manage to do so. This time I have a tripod and I do not have to use four books from the selfhelp section as a tripod. I am my own photograph, my own judge...and my own jury (This actually sounds worse and worse! :-O) Dreams should sound BAD, they should even scare you, if it ain`t scary enough it is not a dream (stolen from a quote, but the quote was beautyfully written, mine just sounded desperate. Not far from the reality, that is my life, you may say.)

Nr 2:  Learn to drink coffee without sugar in it!

Nr 3: Try to wear a red lipstick sometimes.

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