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Sunday, August 25, 2019

August 25, 2019

Social media kills (my) creativity!

So that is the reason why I am on a long break from it. I do NOT see the point in looking at other people`s lives. What about creating a life for yourself? I am not huge on social media, and that`s not a goal that I`m aiming for. I just want to create. That is NOT too much to ask the universe for. "How can I serve you today?"

What about creating your dream life? Your dream world. Stop living inside your little bubble. Get out of the bubble! The dream is outside of the bubble. A dream is reachable. When you reach. The only difference between realizing a dream and not realizing a dream is that "doing"-part. DO IT!
Do not procrastinate any longer! I did that for many years....(*sitting right now while typing this with my feet on the table and sipping on that hot beverage with a straw*.) But I finally got it! I finally GOT IT!
Just added a random photo from my photo library. I don`t always look this good, though! #irony

Now, let me talk a little bit about "What I am going to do" while procrastinating a little more;
I will return with more blog-worthy content in the future. Starting to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT will be the game-changer for me.

The thing is; CREATE something before you share it with the world! To be honest; I do not want to read about your dinner-situation, and how you ate that steak, or your boyfriend-situation. I can`t count how many times I have clicked away!

I crave real content. And real content takes time. And you procrastinate in the meanwhile. If you`re not willing to put in the work and time needed, you will never get there.

Procrastination when it comes to the real deal. The deal of your lifetime. Your main goal in life, will never take you far in this game. Like I said; the only difference between sitting on our butts and fulfilling our heart`s desires is that "doing"- part. I always wanted to create something FAST. Fast, but not great content at all. This has always been my biggest mistake! 

Yes, procrastination is my new favorite word. It is a process to get it out of my system for good.

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