Mali, you are doing the right thing!

I am not playing that game

Welcome to another "episode". It may sound kinda serious (to some people it may even sound like a mental breakdown.) Okay, I am just kidding. I just felt like saying that. It is my kind of humor. Some may not like that kind of humor. Do I care?...No. I am just not stopping myself. Ever. Again. It has been the main reason why I never go anywhere in life. Career-wice. If you`re wondering what kind of "episodes" I am talking about, I am talking about my recent podcasts that I will share in the end of this blog post.

Right now I just want to show you how hard I have been working lately. It`s hard to be a working woman. Once again; it`s my humor and you can click out of this page if you can`t handle it. Handle the truth - about me. It takes a lot of work to look as good as I do....I drink tea, touch my buttons...on the computer keyboard...and...umm...oh yes, I sometimes switch to coffee. Latte is my favorite. I go for a stroll in what we call "sunshine", a phenomenon that happens once in a while where I live, mostly during summertime. I never read. I only listen. To audio books. But I write, and some may call me a typing machine. And by the way; I am a nerd. Do you really want to know more? If the answer is "Yes", you can return to this blog for some updates. If you are the desperate kind, which you should be by now (because if you are here AGAIN, honey, then you are a fan, and maybe a stalker, but that`s okay. I love traffic so that I can build my empire.) If you can say "Yes, that`s me! I want to follow you and even wear your t-shirt with "Mali - My Universe" all over it." you can even subscribe to my updates. T-shirts can not be bought just yet, but I am thinking about selling SOMETHING! Even my soul! That`s why I came to this planet earth, to sell my soul to the devil. It was a crappy deal. And all I got was some toys and a happy meal. (Okay, I stole that phrase from Kanye West. That boy is just as confused as I am.) You can subscribe to my YouTube channels (I have two.) You can also go to my Facebook page and really start to follow me. (Then you are a hardcore follower/fan. And I really have to say "Thank you! You are doing the right thing! You will not regret this!")

They used to tell me "Go and fix those crooked teeth, girl!" I said "Hell no! This is "vampire teeth"! I am gonna have success one day looking like this!"...But don`t ask me about my hair. It is living a wild and outrageous life. It always has. I tried to tame it once, it didn`t want to listen.

I could actually become really good at doing make up if I wanted to (because I have this artistic ability) but I really do not care for make up at all. And this is me; just being a little bit more decent on a photo, if you understand what I mean? I never go out with make up on. I should probably do that, but I do not "play the game" if you understand what I mean. But I did not come here to play that game anyway.

This is what I drink on a daily basis...

Why did I add this photo? Well, I am trying to be like everybody else for a change and take close ups of items. It is really popular right now. But then I remembered; Mali, you fail at being like everybody else. Yes, that`s true. Note to self: You only succeed at being that weird and nerdy person that is YOU!

Bag lady

When I saw this brown sugar sitting all alone on the shelf I knew what I had to do!....

I touched and smelled the bag while standing in the store. "This is a real bag!" I did not care that people were watching me. I actually prefered it! I just knew what they were thinking; "There we have a woman with taste and she knows quality when she sees it!" Right there and then I got an urge to write a letter to the haters, and here is a copy of it:
Dear haters

One sweet day I bought a little purse which I named "Brown Sugar" and I gave it a home. Don`t come here and tell me that I am evil just because I prefer leather bags. Don`t force a humanitarian intervention on me! Bags are something special and unique in my world. Just go and take a peek inside my childhood bedroom. Some may call me a hoarder. I call myself a bag collector. My mama does not agree. "I`m gonna throw them in the barn!" she said. I recall the day when she wanted to re-organize the placement of the bags. "Because they are on the floor and everywhere else, even covering my stationary bicycle!" she said. Which was a good thing because as soon as she saw the bike she started to talk to me about exercising instead, which is a real passion of hers, and it made her forget about the whole episode. I just took another sip of my tea and watched her demonstrate how the bike works.

I am just telling you, do not make a bag lady angry! It does not always have to end so peacefully.

What must not be - does not have to happen, honey!


The Empress of Mali - My Universe.

With the positive energy that I am trying to spread on this planet earth I have to honestly say that I am doing the right thing!

Here are my two recent podcasts...

Podcast 1; "Mali, you are doing the right thing!"

Podcast 2; "My new bag!"...

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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