My weird live shows!....

Today I didn`t know what to blog about, but then it just hit me; YES! My Weird Live Shows!

One of my favorite things to do is live streaming. I love unedited acts/performances because I am a control freak in reality. I have to edit everything perfectly when it comes to my content. So I feel such a liberation when I just don`t "give a damn" and hit the recording button. It is so not me, but yet SO ME!

Karaoke songs are my favorite. I sometimes also show and tell what I am doing on a daily basis.
I am a hobby - comedian so I hope you understand that this is who I am on camera. Whenever I see a camera I get stars in my eyes. (And I act differently when the cameras are off. You can`t even believe that this is me. But I am trying to be more like who I am on camera - off camera -  because it is a good thing for me. I am happier on camera.) But I have always been this way and I can`t help it. I guess I was "Born this way", like the title of one of Lady Gaga`s songs.

I feel it`s very important to be who you are no matter what. Because by not being yourself and not following your heart and your dreams you are only going to experience negativity, depression and you may even develop a personality disorder. It is very dangerous to ignore who you are. You came here with a life purpose that you signed up for. But by ignoring your true feelings (your intuition) you are not going anywhere in life. You will end up at a dead end. And THEN you`ll start complaining. THEN you`ll start hanging at the doctor`s office. THEN you`ll start taking those meds that will make it even WORSE! (oh yes! Been there, done that!) Free yourself from all of this non sense and find out; WHAT did I come to planet earth to do? When you realize what it is; you do that every day for the rest of your life.

I am not going to force you, but IF you are interested in My Weird Live Shows (It makes you feel like; If this crazy person can do this, then I shouldn`t worry about what I`m doing online! OK! It depends on what you`re doing online, darling.)....

I sometimes also upload to YouTube...

"My Weird Live Shows" are being called "Weird" for a reason. And I don`t care whether you laugh AT me or WITH me because a good laugh is a good laugh. And it is very healthy to laugh. Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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