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Thursday, July 12, 2018

July 12, 2018

Haters don`t matter!

In today`s podcast I was going to talk about haters. Talk for ten minutes straight, but I ended up just singing about haters instead. Because I always break out in song. It may be a problem, because not everything is a musical. I mean; do you go to a serious meeting and all of a sudden "I thiiiiiink I want to be FIREEEEED, fireeed beibeeeeeh, I neeed to be fired, fireh fireh fireeeeeed! She don`t want to work here no moooooo`" ? Because that would happen if I had a regular 9-5 kind of job. I would try to find a way to become fired. (But please don`t become inspired by me now! I was born this way, and you don`t know my story. And you are not going to either. That would be a bestseller under your Christmas tree. And I ain`t got time to write no bestseller right now.) Please, I don`t need to hear your opinion about "You should be so lucky to just get ANY job! You are LAZY!" Been there, done that! I even wore the t-shirt. I hated it. I feel like I am "Grumpy Cat" right now, by the way.

Photo: https://me.me

   But I choose NOT to be grumpy instead. 
Because just like Grumpy Cat - I ain`t got time for that either.

I ain`t even got time to brush my hair. But I just pretend to be having a....

I don´t care about make up and all the other everyday girly stuff. IF I one day start to care, you`ll KNOW! If I want something, I stop at NOTHING!...

I don´t care about the materialistic world. In fact; I am a minimalist (If you can forget that I have 50 + bags in my living room corner!) Because nothing really matters. Even my idol Jim Carrey said it "WE DON`T MATTER!" But I have to disagree with one thing, because...

And haters DON`T!...

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)