This is so BAD...

First of all let me introduce this article by saying...Musically...

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I was recently in a ghotic rock/metal I have been before...many years ago. I like the vibe.
The dark, haunted feeling. Why do you call me a witch like it`s a bad thing? I have so many layers, I feel. No, I am not bragging! It`s like the layers in Photoshop. It gets messy if you combine too many colors and effects. But you want it ALL! I have SO MANY interests that I am probably all over the place. Sometimes a new interest pops up behind another layer. It was always there, but now I am all in. Really interested! I just never was interested in politics. I even joined two political parties almost simulateously, because I wanted to find out why I wasn`t interested. I joined two polar opposite parties. I stopped paying for one of them and started to pay for the other. I didn`t get more interested by doing that. I got even more uninterested. Why? Maybe because it is not so important. Politics. Oh no, she did not say that! Oh no! Yes, I did. Oh no, now she`s gonna move to a rural place and grow her own vegetables! (Actually, that is the way to go! Nothing wrong with that!) Now she`s gonna return her passport and deny her citizenship in Norway, and claim that shes`s living in her own "state". There are idiots like that in Norway. I once heard of a group that actually did that. Claimed that they were their own state and refused to pay bills and taxes but wanted to LIVE in Norway and be a homeowner there. That`s crazy! But those idiots never got too far. They were caught. Just WOW! The lack of intelligence to even come up with a plan like that. But I do have serious questions regarding politics, like...Where is the CHANGE? That`s it. I actally can`t come up with another question, although I said I have questions in plural form. And I`ve been diving DEEP, honey. Yes! The only thing I can say is; my soul is too old for these questions.  

After going deep I just wanna be...

Having fun

Whenever I make something it pops into my head. I just START. Or IT STARTS! The FUN starts! 😂
At least I HAVE FUN! Sometimes I just don`t care about you. Your opinion is SH*T! Okay...okay...
This project /draft / song is so BAD / good? 😂 LOL! Bad means good in my opinon. It is SO BAD that it`s good. (My personal opinion is not like many other people`s opinion, I guess😬) But it is not finished. I have only just started on this "FABOLOUS" song (I am kidding!) and I might change the whole song because that`s how I do it. That`s how most producers do it. If they have ADHD! There`s not one way to do things. I sometimes (a lot of the times!) do things backwards. And after TOO MANY cups of coffee! ☕Or it might just be ADHD. But I don`t have that. REALLY! 😂 You know you have ADHD when you refuse to admit that you have ADHD and try to fight the system instead. One of the signs are fighting the government and saying you`re right and they`re wrong. That is a solid sign of your fate as a F90 pasient for the rest of you`re life. (Okay, that was a joke.) OR you`ll use the talents of ADHD to your benefit and make your life really awesome. 

A project that suddently just took off, in a weird way (because I start off serious, but can`t stay serious for longer than a few minutes, since I am a comedian at heart.) So, I just wanted to share this today...
They say you must blog often to get traffic. I have NOT listened to this advice because WHERE IS  THE TIME? There`s no time for anything anymore. BAD excuse, I know. And on top of that; it is HOT! 27 degrees celsius right now (80 degrees Fahrenheit), but in the sun it feels like 40 degrees celsius (like 100 degrees Fahrenheit.) But this is like OKAY (but to me hot is hot! I am from Norway!) It will get hotter! 🌞 But France is not like...let`s say Dubai! There`s no desert air here. I would basically FREAK OUT if I was there. So, I am not into the Sahara - kind of climate.

On the side note: I love photos like these (Photo below) Looks like some kind of wave. I have for some reason watched videos of Tsunamis lately. It is wild! From 2004 in Thailand and 2011 in Japan. I just came over it on YouTube a few days ago. I have no idea why all of a sudden I`ve started to take an interest in this. I`m thinking to myself "Why? This is so weird!" I remember in 2014 I started to look up Donald Trump on the internet without knowing what was coming. I listened to the audio book "The art of the deal". I am business savvy (NOT!) so obviously I would want to read a book about closing deals. But why would I want advice from this dude? I am intrigued by Melania, though... and her the captive with him. Sounds really bad! 😂 I`m sure they have fun. I have now become friends with Ukranian people, and I like the Eastern Europeans so much. She`s Slovenian. Okay. I was pretty close. Google is so helpful when you`re stuck but THINK you know the truth, but you`re wrong. Anyways; "How to survive surrounded by idiots" should have been a book that SHE has written, and a book that I should have read. Because the truth is; we`re surrounded by idiots every day. On the bus there`s always an idiot. Your neighbor might be the worst idiot ever. So, you probably get my point. After I`ve been sidetracking myself. Why was looking up his name so important to me? I hope there`s not going to be another Tsunami (of some kind) happening any time soon. Or ever! 

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And here`s one of my latest drafts of songs I am working on. (It is not going to be like this. This is a joke. I took it too far like I always do!) This is like straight out of my nightmares. I don`t have nightmares but IF I should ever have one, this is it...because we have mosquitoes here! (French Tiger mosquitoes!)...

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  1. Your song sucks so good that today i just sold my wacumcleaner, this crap does the shit better, and its for free..(exept from my brain is getting damaged)

    1. HAHAHA!!! Thanks for this lovely commentm and I want more comments like this one please!! Love it!!