Nothing`s going on (Part 8)...

Nothing is happening in today`s video. Because nothing is going on. Just the boring everyday life. But I don`t believe in "boring" and "nothing`s going on" because it`s always my own choice to be bored or not. When I`m bored I just make things. I have always done that, all my life. Just CREATE things!
If you loook around, there are things to do around the house! Don`t sit on your butt and watch other people on YouTube cleaning, cooking, living their best I`ve done so many didn`t get me NOWHERE in life! It made my room look like a hot mess. And the rest of me became a freaking hot mess as well. - Which I am not afraid to admit. It is my slogan. "Subscribe to this hot mess!" The truth is; I`ve been a hot mess for a while, but I accidentally (LOL!) looked at myself in the mirror one day and realized that on the left side of the head the hair is longer and pretty uneven, not like the right side of my head (a huge hairball which was impossible to get out). The neglect method is not a good lifestyle if you`re trying to actually get somewhere in life (If you`re not trying to start a reggae band or becoming a Rastafarian or something like that (which I am not against...I just don`t feel this at the moment..) for that reason, I bought a DECENT comb.

Do you get my point? 😂

And don`t worry about what other people think of you. They don`t care. They don`t care about if you get married, buy a new house, get a new job. They only worry about themselves. Their own married (divorced, single ready to mingle) boring life, ate too many calories today, got fired from their job, heard about someone having an affair with their boss (it`s really stupid sometimes. Not even first hand information, that is really low! At least be the one having the affair, at least you`re having fun, right?)  But to the rest of the world, it doesn`t matter. Got drunk and revealed too many secrets. Like who cares about your secrets? Climbed a tree to spy on their neighbor. "Do they have the same coach as me? The yellow one from IKEA?" The list is so freaking LONG. Choke on yesterday`s pizza while watching Idol. Too many weirdos on that show. "I`m glad that`s not me". (No, that was probably ME. Do I care? I wasted many years caring until I realized it didn`t take me nowhere in life, so I stopped caring.) Other people are busy worrying about what other people are thinking of them right now. That`s all that matters to them. Like it`s the meaning of life or something. 

A useless video to many, pretty useful to me, since I keep track of my own creative development 👍

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